Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!

I have been tagged by my Sister Lisa.

So as I take part in my tag, I know that I am in no way as witty as Lisa is in her writing. But hope to express what I feel.

The rules to this tag is ....using the letters of your middle name describe yourself. Tag as many people as there are letters in your middle name.

Mine is Marie, named after my Grandma (Nana) Whitton.

M -- Mother, I am a mother of 9 (yes all mine). I was a young bride at the age of 18. Having children was a given, although we never talked about a number. There are joys and challenges that come with having such a large family. I wrote about it about two years ago. I want to share it with you:

You know your a mother of 9 when...
You have a 21 year old serving a mission and your still a nursing Mom.
The house is always a mess.
Nothing "belongs" to you.
You have so many kisses and hugs through out the day.
You have to be in four places at once, with some kind of treat.
Your medical file at the Pediatrician is 5 inches thick.
There is never any gas in the car.
There are permanent piles of laundry in the hall.
That you have children at four different schools and still have some at home
There is always "trash" in your purse.
You have stretch marks on stretch marks
You're at Walmart three times a week ...

I love being a mother, being given the trust of the Lord that I will do my best in raising these children. Hoping that they will be good people. That I will teach them where they came from, who they are (children of God), and where they are going. Giving them the tools they will need on their journey through Life.

Making lasting Memories, you soon realize how fast time is going.

I love Music, it touches my soul.

Donny and I have been Married for almost 25 years.
I love Donny.

A -- Amazed, I stand all amazed at the many blessings I have been blessed with. The daily small ones to the big life changing ones. Amazed at the beauty of the earth, the sun on my face to star filled skies. "Everything, from the mountain to the stream. From the valley to the sky. Everything, From the meadow to the sea. From the sunlight to the rain. Everything, speaks His name. (from a CD from Jessie Clark Funk)

Appreciation & Gratitude are Spirit-filled principles. Through them, we become spiritually aware of the wonder of the smallest things.

R -- Religion, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It defines who I am (a daughter of God). What I Believe and How I Live. Repentance, that when we do make mistakes, the Lord will forgive us if we repent.

Other R words, I love... Really Warm Baths, Rainy Days, Rubber Stamps, Roller Coasters, Roller-skating and Raspberry Sorbet

I -- Insight, It comes with age, there is a freedom of letting go. You'll find that things that seemed so important, aren't. That you don't have to worry about what everyone else thinks. That you are doing the best you can and that is good enough. That Life this is a journey to be enjoyed not just endured.

E -- Example, We learn from each other. We set an example by the way we talk, dress, act, and the things we do. Our children are always watching, so are others. I have had so many great Examples in my life, many do not even know how they have touched me.

Energy, or the lack of it, most of the time. With my heath problems, my body battles daily. Exercise, and the need of more of it. Because of my daily struggles, eating right, getting enough rest, and gentle exercise is so important to me. When we feel good, we are able to do more. So we need to always be mindful of our physical, spiritual and mental well being.

Education Week, is a way I get to fill my lamp. I love going to Education Week at BYU!! Always learning, is another way to find joy.

Thank you Lisa for tagging me. This was fun.

I tag, Lois (my Mom), Annaleesa, Karyn and Carrie Rhodes


Lisa said...

That was a great one! I like your Mother of 9 list. But I can't do the same tag again! But if a different tag comes your way, send it to me :)

Sapp Family said...

Christy, I finally got the tag done. It was fun to try and think of words for myself. It is not nearly as thoughtful as your but was still lots of fun. Thanks for the tag.