Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How Quickly Things Can Change

When it comes to our lives we move through each day thinking there will be a next. I think we take for granted those around us that we love. I been thinking a lot this week as my sister in law Becca has been fighting for her life. How quickly things can change, how you never know day from day. Becca was so young, only 30, she was a mother of 3 beautiful children, a 7 year old boy and 4 year old twins girls.

Now my thoughts are with my brother Jared and the things he will have to face as he moves forward from this place. He will miss his sweetheart greatly but knows she is free of her pains. I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life, to know the plan and to know they will be together again as a family.

I pray we will look at each day as a gift to be cherished and not wasted away in trivial things. I hope we can all love one other and serve each other and how important it is to make memories each day. 

Rebecca Dorfmeier Leonard
11/13/78 - 9/29/09
daughter, sister, wife and mother

Monday, September 28, 2009

Swine Flu - It's Here!!

At first when we all heard of the Swine Flu (H1N1) the news had us in hysteria, than we were calmed down to no worries, well I am here to say the swine flu is here and spreading. Thank goodness it is a mild version of what had been hitting the world and if caught early can be treated with anti-viral meds.

But we also need to be wise, if you have ANY symptoms STAY HOME!! Wash your hands; cover your mouth when you cough. Simple. I don’t think I am too keen on the vaccination (pushed through too fast), I say be wise.

Our exposure came from one the girls’ friend at school, and with closeness while dancing ballroom, it spread. After we got the positive diagnosis they made the decision to treat the whole family which was a very good idea since it than passed to me and Lindsay, than to the boys. So far Donny has been the only one symptom free. The kids have been going a little crazy with our 5-7 day quarantine. But we are on the mend.

This is what anti-viral meds look like for 6 children + Mom & Dad.

Click on the link below to learn more

2009 H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) and You

This is outside our front door
Jong, Vanessa & Kristen

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Justin Williams - Decision Time

Photos by Jason Leonard
Produced by Jason Leonard

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Infinite Power of Hope

... And to all who suffer—to all who feel discouraged, worried, or lonely - I say with love and deep concern for you, never give in. Never surrender. Never allow despair to overcome your spirit."
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Katie is the 2009 Homecoming Queen for Provo High School

Katie & Sierra danced at halftime at the football game with the Ballroom Team

Okay, we all know how this works, there always seems to be the "it" crowd that are picked for these kind of things. You know like the Captain of the Cheerleading Team and the Captain of the Football Team. This year was different, people from the outside of the normal "clique" were chosen.

Two amazing young people who are good and kind with big hearts. As they announced Katie's name the crowd erupted, then started chanting her name. I am so happy for her. What an honor to be voted by your peers.

Katie Williams & David Wilcox

Katie is wearing a vintage 1950's prom dress on a 
crinoline slip, it's the real deal. With all vintage jewelry, 
she looked so pretty out there.

The Homecoming Court

Mom, Katie, David and Dad

The Fans!!
brothers - Devin & Derek, all decked
out in shades of Provo green
and sister - Lindsay, Shelby made the sign!

Pretty in Pink!!

Kate and her date Mark Manuele

"The Ride"

Friday, September 18, 2009

So Long, Farewell

As we get ready to depart for our mission tomorrow morning our thoughts turn to you. We are excited about our mission to Canada and learned so much in the MTC. What a wonderful experience!

We are grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord in a full-time missionary capacity. we were told by both our Stake President and in the MTC that our families would be blessed beyond what we can imagine while we serve this mission. I am sure that includes all of you.

We will miss all of you. As we always do those that are at a distance.

We will have our email available and facebook. We will still have our cell phone, but are told it is very expensive as soon as we enter Canada. We will have it on and anyone can leave a message, we will pick them up often.
For those who are interested we are going to try the Skype service, we understand that it is free and you can do your phone calls over the Internet.

Elder Michael Tanner/Sister Lois Tanner

Canada Halifax Mission
202 Brownlow Ave Unit F Bldg F
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T5



We Are A Family

We Are A Family

Since before any of us were born, God planned for us to share our lives together.He knew exactly how our strengths and weaknesses would balance one another and the depth of love, understanding, and commitment we would learn to feel.He knew the richness of our separate characters would be developed through hard times and that mutual trust and respect would be born as a result of overcoming the trials together.He knew that we would laugh together and cry together.He knew we would need each other... to hug...to help... to teach...to serve...to love...

What Matters Most

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Digital Camera Fun

The great thing in having digital cameras these days is how fun and easy they are to use. Donny had to take the back garage door off for something and before he could get it back on the girls took it back, to a corner of yard and started shooting away. The older girls are always playing around with the camera, but what is cute is how closely the little eyes of Lindsay has watched and learned



Work it Lindsay!! :-)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Tribute - 2009 with Glenn Beck & Finding Hope

Originally posted ...
September 11th, 2008

That day changed me, an innocence lost.
How could it happen here?
I will never forget.
God Bless America.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Mind, Body and Soul are Connected.

Our mind, body and soul are connected. It is through these connections that our lives manifest. We see evidence of that all around us in how we feel and how we act. When we don’t get enough sleep the chain reaction starts from exhaustion – leading to emotionally eating to get through the day - then snapping at your child because they have spilled one too many drinks on the floor that day. This is a simplified example of what can occur; but what if the opposite scenario is possible? It can be!

Picture a mother centered and rested. It may seem like an impossibility to say ‘mother and rested’ in the same sentence. But the rest you are seeking can be like the eye of a storm. The storm is still raging all around a mother but in the center – is where the calm resides. A day that is full of possibilities, fun and love - even if the baby didn’t sleep all night! Why are you feeling depleted? What are your inner beliefs about yourself and life?

We all have tipping points where we see our story isn’t what we dreamed it would be. We see the signs in our physical health, our relationships and in our business experiences. With fear, anger and avoiding behaviors we find ourselves in crisis. You may be cycling in ways that feel shameful such as addictions. The market is flooded with guide books, experts and practitioners to help fix our problems. But the answers, to what we perceive as life’s problems, are found inside our souls. How do we find those answers? Where is the balance we all are seeking? Where can you refine, refocus and respond authentically to your life? These subjects are discussed in the Soul Essentials curriculum. Here you will learn more about slowing down and sitting still so you can get up and move more joyfully through life.

Ganel-Lyn K. Condie

Follow Your Dreams

Great Ideas - "Spider Spray" & Lemon Scented Pledge Trick

This was my post on Facebook - what to do with my little one having anxiety attacks about spiders in the middle of the night. :-(

Lisa - Anxiety about creepy critters?....hmm, that hits really close to home.            

Keri - It's a normal fear to have. Maybe give her a night light (spiders tend to come out in the dark, after all), let her vacuum her room before she goes to bed (that will get boring quick), and just reassure her that we all go to sleep and wake up every day without horrible spider accidents occurring during the night.

Cortney - "monster spray" or in your case "spider spray" We took a squirt bottle and filled it up with water and put a cute little "monster spray" sticker on it. Any time she was scared there was a monster, she would spray it. I am happy to say that our house is now monster free!! (this will help with the anxiety attacks)

Amy said...

I am dealing with the same problem, and have been looking for organic ways to get rid of spiders (with a little one and being pregnant we don't want to spray). I read that lemon scented Pledge works miracles. Put it in the entryways of your house and since spiders taste through their legs, they will soon disappear from your house because they hate it so much. Good luck! (but this will help the real problem)

Thank you Amy!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ode to Canada - from Lisa

This is from most creative, talented sister Lisa...

Ode to Canada

O Halifax, Canada,
take care of our missionaries.
Keep their hearts warm
when your chill makes them wary.

They’ll come from afar
to help in the work
of teaching your people
the gospel’s word.

Your islands and ferries
and bridges, for the novices,
will lend for weekend adventures-
some distraction from the office.

We hope the sea air
will guard them from chill,
or frostbite, or windburn,
or any other frigid ill.

(Oh, and we’re thankful
that near them, in close proximity,
are plenty of stores
for healthy snacks unlimited.)

These servants will go
with faith, as in times of old.
To further God’s plan--
did I mention there’d be cold?

Though missed by their loved ones,
we know we are blessed
to send out our parents
and wish them the best.

The Lord will provide
for doesn’t He know?
Yes, the way is prepared
Now, sow missionaries, sow.

We'll miss you!

Love You Mom & Dad

The 5 Love Languages of Blogging

From Mormon Mommy Blogs

Alright, alright. so there's 5 love languages in life, blah blah blah.

But do you know about the 5 love languages of BLOGGING?

That's right. I believe there are 5 love languages in this crazy blogging world...

The thing is, we all speak a different language. And we go through phases, where sometimes one is more important than another. Most of us speak all the languages, but it's the order that can get us into trouble. Not every blogger is going to speak your same language. And feelings can get hurt when our blogging needs are not met by the people we blog with.

So to shed a little light on the situation, I give you:


Lurkers: (def.) someone who regularly reads your blog, but does not participate.

(They're just like secret admirers.... kinda)

Some lurkers have blogs. Others do not. Some may subscribe to your feed, others have no idea what a feed is. But they come. Every day. For you.

In real life, a lurker may be "delurked" through routine conversation. Because they may mention something that you wrote about, but did not receive this information from you. This is when you call them out and demand them to comment. (Because we know you're there, PEDER.)

Lurkers generally admire the bloggers they so quietly stalk. Sometimes, lurkers may be your ex-boyfriends wife. (Hi.) Sometimes they're people you've never even met. (Hi.) But they stumbled onto your blog, and they are here to stay.

Lurkers are nervous about leaving comments. Sometimes they feel like they do not have anything witty to say. Or they disagree with you. Fear not, dear lurkers. We would probably love to hear what you have to say. But you don't have to say anything. You have permission to lurk as long as you like.


Bloggers have egos. Egos need to be stroked.

Comments are a wonderful way for bloggers to interact with their readers. And as any blogger will tell you, they read each and every comment, and appreciate each and every word. Commenting provides feedback for the author; it lets them know if their words encouraged you, inspired you, touched you, made you mad, made you laugh.... Your words offer perspective, and help build confidence which in turn inspires the blogger to write more.

Other considerations: every blogger loves comments, but not every blogger leaves comments. Some comment religiously, even when they have nothing to say, while others never comment, though your words have touched them on some core level.

Besides, every blogger I've ever met is a comment whore. ♫ They want it, they need it, they gots to! gots to! gots to! have it...♫


hyperlink: the text that you can "click" on that will take you to another web page.

Hyperlinking is a simple service that shows you care. A link to another web page or site is exhilarating. It's like finding a hidden treasure. There are SO. MANY. GREAT. WRITERS. And most of them blog because they love it. And we would never have found them, if it wasn't for you, you hyperlinking fanatic.

Hyperlinking also lets the other bloggers know you love them. It physically shows them that you are a fan. That you notice what they say. That you think they're brilliant. Or funny. Or awesome. Hyperlinking is a recommendation. It's as if you're saying, "Hey, if you like me, you'll LOVE this guy!" It's the ultimate compliment.

Hyperlinking makes the world go round. I would have never found girls like this, if not for the hyperlink.

*Blog Rolling

There is no greater gift than to be added to someone's blogroll. (except for commenting...)

Blogrolls are delicate things. People pay great attention to who IS and who is NOT on your blogroll. It directly affects their self worth. (Especially if you know you used to be on someone's blogroll, and now you've magically disappeared.) ahem.

And while some of us may feel the desperate need to be included on the blogroll, we need to understand that they are beastly things and most are not updated regularly. (Even though after announcing you have updated and we're still not on it, we get our cyber feelings hurt and we try not to dwell on it, but for the love! What do I have to do to get on your stupid blogroll already?!?!?!) ahem.


These are the serious blog readers.

Subscription to a feed makes bloggers feel warm and cozy. Especially when we see the numbers rising. (and falling. stupid unsubscribe button. grrrrr.)

And although subscription numbers may not match up to comment numbers, and may leave us wondering, who the heck is reading this anyways, we feel secure. Because while you may not publicly declare your love for us, you subscribe to our feed, because you have to read us. It's a simple act that declares your love. And you do subscribe out of love, and not obligation. Because people that have aggregators like Bloglines and Google Reader, are serious blog fanatics. They simply do not have the time to comment on every blog they read. But they are reading.... oh yes, THEY. ARE. READING.


So there it is. The Five Love Languages of Blogging according to me, the MomBabe.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Love of All Things of Entertaining

10 Commandments of Entertaining - from Sandy

I have found a woman after my own heart. These are her 10 Commandments of Entertaining. Her name is Sandy and check out here great blog here.









Real entertaining for real people
casual elegance - inspiration - connection - planning
creativity - simplicity - lifestyle
Dressing up the Table!

I guess my true love of entertaining came from my Mom, for years growing up we hosted every Holiday Meal, Family Get Together, Birthday, Parties etc. And everything was done with flair. Tablecloths, dishes, glass stemware, center pieces and the most incredible food you could ever desire.

Now it wasn’t just food, it had to have every color, texture and temperature. Hot was to be served hot and cold serve cold!! Of course timing is everything. There was always a table for the array of desserts. Yummy!! What memories I have, the pure joy of bringing people together. Thank you Mom for all your hard work, and instilling in me a sense of “doing it right”.

Oh how my heart races when I see glassware, table clothes, candles, place cards, serving pieces, anything that would make the setting perfect. I love all this stuff!!