Saturday, September 19, 2009

Katie is the 2009 Homecoming Queen for Provo High School

Katie & Sierra danced at halftime at the football game with the Ballroom Team

Okay, we all know how this works, there always seems to be the "it" crowd that are picked for these kind of things. You know like the Captain of the Cheerleading Team and the Captain of the Football Team. This year was different, people from the outside of the normal "clique" were chosen.

Two amazing young people who are good and kind with big hearts. As they announced Katie's name the crowd erupted, then started chanting her name. I am so happy for her. What an honor to be voted by your peers.

Katie Williams & David Wilcox

Katie is wearing a vintage 1950's prom dress on a 
crinoline slip, it's the real deal. With all vintage jewelry, 
she looked so pretty out there.

The Homecoming Court

Mom, Katie, David and Dad

The Fans!!
brothers - Devin & Derek, all decked
out in shades of Provo green
and sister - Lindsay, Shelby made the sign!

Pretty in Pink!!

Kate and her date Mark Manuele

"The Ride"

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Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

That is so cool. Congratulations. She is so pretty.