Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wedding - Part 2

Ashley and Tua's the Wedding - Part 2

(Okay, I am still waiting for pictures from the photographers, so I will post some of the ones I have)

The weather was overcast with a breeze, it felt great. As the many gathered for the wedding the sun was getting lower in the sky, the scene was set including a Tapa cloth, very important in Tongan culture. The bride was beautiful and the groom anxious, the time had come.

Ashley had her sisters as her bridesmaids. Tu'a had two of his brothers and two friend as groomsmen. Donny walked Ashley down the aisle. It was a beautiful ceremony with wonderful words of wisdom.

What a beautiful couple

Ashley & Christi (mom)

Donny walking with Ashley

The wedding party


Ashley is wearing a traditional Tongan lei

Ashley & Tu'a
(Tu'a is wearing a traditional ta Ľovala (mat) and Tupenu)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Set Up - Part 1

Ashley and Tua's Wedding & Reception - Part 1

As many of you know getting ready for a wedding and reception takes lots of planning, thought, and work. So many came to help us set up, we had Ward friends from the 3rd and 1st Wards, Mom, Michael, Lisa, Bud, Roy, David, some of my girls including the bride. We set up 22 round tables, 5 long tables, 8 food tables, a gift table, sign in table and a cake table. Laura and Hugh Black came and got all the table clothes to be steamed and pressed, WOW what a blessing to me.

The vision I had, because we were working with a large area of space was to bring it down in size a little, add lights and movement. As we worked throughout the morning into the afternoon, most of us got sun burned and was a little taken back by the heat. But I feel it was worth the effort. Everything was beautiful.

Tu’a is Tongan, so the reception had a tropical feel (Not Hawaiian) it was a big Tongan feast and party!! We had over 300 people celebrating with us. It was wonderful.

A group of family and friends helped with the set up

Michael is hammering rebar for the bamboo poles

Lisa, Christi and Mom finishing the tulle and poles

Lisa & I working on lights to go into the trees and bows of tulle
to go on the poles

Grandma & Ashley taking a break out of the sun

The stage is set.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lindsay - Our Little Princess

Lindsay is growing up so much everyday. She keeps up laughing all the time. She thinks she is as big as everyone else in this family. She wants to go anywhere someone else is going. Kristen actually takes her a lot to run errands, she loves it. She pretty much gets what she wants, how can you refuse such a cute face.

Lindsay - Our Scooter Girl

Lindsay took this picture of Sierra

Lindsay wishes can come true

What a monkey!!

Lindsay, Shelby, Devin and Derek

Hang in there!!

Lindsay & Devin

Cub Scout Rain Gutter Regatta

Derek and Devin have really enjoyed many activities with the cub scouts this summer. Cub Scout Day Camp was a blast, they earned belt loops in Archery, BB Shooting and Astronomy. They also had the Cub Scout Rain Gutter Regatta on July 8th, it's kind of like the pine wood derby cars but they are boats. The boys have to blow air with a straw to move the boats along down the rain gutter. Derek ended up taking 1st every time and ended up with the overall top boat. Way to go Boys!!

Devin getting his belt loops and awards

Derek getting his belt loops and awards

Go Devin!!

Go Derek!!

Great Job Derek - 1st place

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer & Family 08

For a few years now Lisa and Steve have come up from Hot Hot Arizona to celebrate the 4th of July in Utah. This time they came to attend a Lewis Family Reunion, and then we got to play together. Now you will always notice that when we get together there is always lots of food involved; this trip was no different. We enjoyed a huge Sunday dinner together with lots of desserts. Monday night took us to our now “tradition”, (Thanks to Uncle Steve) dinner at Brick Oven with everyone, we pigged out on pizza and free rootbeer. We then went to the park and had a great time, the weather was wonderful. Donny & I were showered with gifts for our “25th” Wedding Anniversary. Thank you everyone. :-)

Some of the kids stayed a night at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Steve took the kids to see 'Wall-E', and the next morning some of them even hiked “Y” Mountain (great job!! I still haven't done it). :-)

Mom, Lisa, Ashley and I got to go wedding cake shopping one of the days and after we went out to lunch. We had one more great dinner and outing to the park, where everyone played a mean game of kick ball, the kids had a great time ice blocking, and we filled up on amazing homemade ice cream (nothing better then that)

Mom, Steve, Lisa and Donny - in Mom's kitchen

Eating out on Grandma's porch

Cousins - Preston and Lindsay & Aunt Lisa

Dinner at Brick Oven – Yum
Monday is free Rootbeer Night

Donny & Christi opening Anniversary gifts,
that's also Alissa in the picture

Lois (Mom) & Michael - that's "Y" Mountain in the back

The Girls out to lunch - Christi, Lois, Ashley & Lisa

Picnic at the park - the creek is freezing!!
Grandma, Lisa, Derek
Devin, Shelby, Preston, Trevor and Paige

The group with Uncle Steve sitting on the "Y"

What an amazing view

Katie, Paige, Kristen
Derek, Sierra, Devin and Steve

The guys playing a game of Bocce
Michael, Steve and Donny

Little Lindsay playing Frisbee

Sisters - Christi & Lisa

Dad & Mom enjoying the homemade ice cream

Derek going down the hill on a block of ice

Here comes Shelby and Devin

Baby Gavin (Owens) and Grandpa Michael

Friday, July 11, 2008

America's Freedom Festival at Provo - 4th of July

We really enjoyed the parade this year. Alissa 's ward had a french toast breakfast, we were invited to join them. One the counselors in her Ward owns one of the old houses right on University Ave. So we were in a great location to see the parade while in the shade and enjoyed a great breakfast. We had a great time!!

Provo hosts one of the largest 4th of July celebrations in the country, 28 years of celebration.

The 2008 Theme:"American Values - Family, Freedom, God and Country"

“2008”Miss Provo - a friend of ours and fellow dancer with Alissa
on the BYU Ballroom Tour Team
Allie Edgington

Everyone enjoying the parade

We always love it when the missionaries march by

Alissa with friends from her Ward and her roommate Heather

Summer Fun on Utah Lake!!

Living so close to a Lake you would think we would be there often. We're not; the lake itself is not a great swimming lake it doesn't have to many good beaches to lay on, but it is a great lake to boat on. So maybe twice or three times a summer we get to get out on the lake and have some fun.

Here are a few pictures from our last outing, Look at the boy’s faces; they did not like it that much. They love the boat, it's getting them out on the float they hated. We "kind of" tossed each one of them out there on the "Great Big Mable" they each took a short ride and they were both very happy to be back in the boat.
(oh I know they are going to hate us forever for that)

Katie, Shelby and Macie, Reid and Mary Gunnell (it's their boat)

Derek & Devin

The "Big Boys" Playing - Donny's in the middle

Some happy faces and Some not so happy faces