Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Set Up - Part 1

Ashley and Tua's Wedding & Reception - Part 1

As many of you know getting ready for a wedding and reception takes lots of planning, thought, and work. So many came to help us set up, we had Ward friends from the 3rd and 1st Wards, Mom, Michael, Lisa, Bud, Roy, David, some of my girls including the bride. We set up 22 round tables, 5 long tables, 8 food tables, a gift table, sign in table and a cake table. Laura and Hugh Black came and got all the table clothes to be steamed and pressed, WOW what a blessing to me.

The vision I had, because we were working with a large area of space was to bring it down in size a little, add lights and movement. As we worked throughout the morning into the afternoon, most of us got sun burned and was a little taken back by the heat. But I feel it was worth the effort. Everything was beautiful.

Tu’a is Tongan, so the reception had a tropical feel (Not Hawaiian) it was a big Tongan feast and party!! We had over 300 people celebrating with us. It was wonderful.

A group of family and friends helped with the set up

Michael is hammering rebar for the bamboo poles

Lisa, Christi and Mom finishing the tulle and poles

Lisa & I working on lights to go into the trees and bows of tulle
to go on the poles

Grandma & Ashley taking a break out of the sun

The stage is set.

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The Tanners said...

All the hard work, sun, heat, etc. It turned out beautiful. What a wonderful setting for a reception with an island feel. Ashley was absolute a georgeous bride and Tu'a is also a georgeous guy. The food was great, the drinks a real hit. The family looked fabulous. You did good. I love you. Mom