Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer & Family 08

For a few years now Lisa and Steve have come up from Hot Hot Arizona to celebrate the 4th of July in Utah. This time they came to attend a Lewis Family Reunion, and then we got to play together. Now you will always notice that when we get together there is always lots of food involved; this trip was no different. We enjoyed a huge Sunday dinner together with lots of desserts. Monday night took us to our now “tradition”, (Thanks to Uncle Steve) dinner at Brick Oven with everyone, we pigged out on pizza and free rootbeer. We then went to the park and had a great time, the weather was wonderful. Donny & I were showered with gifts for our “25th” Wedding Anniversary. Thank you everyone. :-)

Some of the kids stayed a night at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Steve took the kids to see 'Wall-E', and the next morning some of them even hiked “Y” Mountain (great job!! I still haven't done it). :-)

Mom, Lisa, Ashley and I got to go wedding cake shopping one of the days and after we went out to lunch. We had one more great dinner and outing to the park, where everyone played a mean game of kick ball, the kids had a great time ice blocking, and we filled up on amazing homemade ice cream (nothing better then that)

Mom, Steve, Lisa and Donny - in Mom's kitchen

Eating out on Grandma's porch

Cousins - Preston and Lindsay & Aunt Lisa

Dinner at Brick Oven – Yum
Monday is free Rootbeer Night

Donny & Christi opening Anniversary gifts,
that's also Alissa in the picture

Lois (Mom) & Michael - that's "Y" Mountain in the back

The Girls out to lunch - Christi, Lois, Ashley & Lisa

Picnic at the park - the creek is freezing!!
Grandma, Lisa, Derek
Devin, Shelby, Preston, Trevor and Paige

The group with Uncle Steve sitting on the "Y"

What an amazing view

Katie, Paige, Kristen
Derek, Sierra, Devin and Steve

The guys playing a game of Bocce
Michael, Steve and Donny

Little Lindsay playing Frisbee

Sisters - Christi & Lisa

Dad & Mom enjoying the homemade ice cream

Derek going down the hill on a block of ice

Here comes Shelby and Devin

Baby Gavin (Owens) and Grandpa Michael

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Lisa said...

That was so fun! I will have to steal some of these pictures for my blog! Hope things are coming along for the wedding--see you in a few days!