Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Gift of Freedom

I went to my Mother's blog this morning and I was brought to tears. There on her blog were pictures of my fathers and my brother in their service uniforms. It took my breath away. I love each of these men so much for many different reasons. I want to say Thank You for what you did to make a difference for me.

We went to the parade, enjoyed a picnic and fireworks, all the makings of a great 4th of July. But really it is the individuals who have made a choice, a choice to fight for freedom, for me and for my children. I love this country, God does bless this country. I am free, and I will be forever grateful for that blessing and gift.

Ben Leonard served in the Marines

Michael Tanner served in the Air Force

Bud Williams served in the Army

Jason Leonard served in the Coast Guard

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Michael & Lois Tanner said...

Thank you Christi for posting this on your site too. I have a very special soft spot in my heart for people in the uniform of our country. I love our country, our flag and the people that have served in our military forces.
Love you, Mom