Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yes, They Are All Mine!

I found this great blog post from Holly @ A Mommy's Blessings.  It is so funny, I so get it all. I have heard these same questions, I love her comebacks.


SIX Children?!?!

Egads, people act like you have 2 heads when they find out how many children you have in a big family.
Walking around the store with all the littles in a row and baby in the sling, you can see the heads bobbing as they count and hear all the "tsk tsk's".
So tired of it.
You parents of large families know what I am talking about.
And when they hear we want more children?
Yes, we are from Mars, thank you very much.

So, from now on, I refuse to let those remarks get to me. Instead, I plan to have fun with the following comebacks!

1) "You have your hands full!"

2) "Are they all yours?"

3) "Don't you know what causes that?"

4) "Are you going to get fixed?"

5) "I can't believe how you do it, I cannot even handle my two!"

6) "Are you planning to have any more?" Or "You're done now, right?"

7) "I hope you aren't planning to have anymore?!?"

8) "Haven't you heard of birth control?"

9) "Don't you have a television?"

10) "How can you afford having so many?"

11) "I am glad it is you and not me!"

12) "Do you get any time for yourselves?"

13) "Did you give birth to all of them?"

14) "Are you going to have 19 children too?" (Like the Duggar's.)

15) When people just keep staring at your family....

Happy Pink Saturday! – Pink Dresses

Happy Pink Saturday!
I sometime think I was born in the wrong era, my heart longs for a simpler life. When people cared about others and took the time to dress nice. For this Pink Saturday I wanted to see some yummy vintage pink dresses. The problem is they are always too small for me :-)

I do a couple that fit and I enjoy wearing them even if people look at me weird.

How Sweet The Sound

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nova Scotia, Canada

Lisa's family came up to Utah, Donny and Steve stayed and played with our kids and extended family, and my sister and I were off for 5 days to visit our parents on their mission in Nova Scotia!
July 7-11, 2010

The following are Inside Jokes recorded for our benefit, because no one else would get it:

* The revelation about the Xray vision @ security
* People movers & almost missing our gate
* The Pecan Bear Caramel Apple catastrophe
* The Pecan Bear Caramel Apple version 2.0
* The Mega Plane and all its amenities
* The "nasty" incident which brought us to weeping with our laughter

After 11 hours of travel, we finally made it!

Day One--Mission Office, Canadian Dollar Store (!), Halifax, and Peggy's Cove

In their apartment, enjoying one of Michael's superfood, healthy breakfasts. So Yummy!!

Mama at her post as Very Important Person in the Mission Office (in her P-day clothes)

We forgot to take a picture, so....
It was saweet...even though they don't take anything but Loonies and Toonies and other Canadian currency....{Inside joke}


This is a real figurehead. You know, they put these on the front of ships. Just the beginning of Nautical sightings on this trip.

Peggy's Cove--gorgeous, rocky, WINDY, breathtaking

Across the street from Paul and (Paul's wife)'s house. {Don't you love inside jokes?}


Day Two--Prince Edward Island and the long journey to get there

A ferry that one might ride if they wanted to leave for the island at 9:30am....that wasn't us--so close! We waited here for the next one @ 11:15...

Then, some of us were already tuckered. We just got started folks!

Mom and Lisa held down the fort, er, ferry.

We love you, Mom.

Our first sight of PEI.

A certain someone {aka Lisa} screamed for the Michael to stop the car so we could get a photo-op at this obliging mustard field. What?! A mustard field! This place is the capitol of Quaint. Then entire drive was a combination of rolling green (and yellow!) hills, farmhouses with clotheslines, Bed & Breakfasts, and trees for miles. I don't know if my mom, sis and I are old souls or what, but we loved all of it.

Hello, Anne with an "e".

In front of Lucy Maud Montgomery's cousins house. The inspiration behind her famous Green Gables location for the Anne books. Oh, hello Wind.

Lisa wanted to bring these fantastic doors home with her.

Lisa Ann "e"
Gift shop fun. You, too, can become Anne for a nominal price.

Please tell me that someone remembers the part in the book (movie)
where Anne accidentally gets her kindred spirit, Diana, drunk.
We got to try some of the intended drink, Raspberry Cordial, and, yum!

Avonlea Village

Lisa really like the light fixtures in this schoolhouse. 
She thinks she saw those in Pottery Barn...

This is the Confederation Bridge, one of the longest bridge in the world.
We crossed it coming back from the island.

(Christi put your hands on your hip it will make you look slimmer stupid)

Day Three--Fisherman's Wharf in Eastern Passage.

Really scrumptious lunch at Wharp Wraps.

Did we mention the wind?

We just adored all these colorful little shops.

This is the part where we went to a really rocky beach.

And found really neat rocks.

Lisa didn't really know she was into rocks until now.

Papa Seagull.

The missionaries.

Overall, the trip was so beautiful, gorgeous, cool, windy, GREEN, and quaint. It was so good to see our parents and see where they live and serve--
and we made good memories.

At one point, my sister and I were standing on the rocks at Peggy's Cove, overlooking the Atlantic and said to each other, "When would we have ever come here to Nova Scotia?"
 Who knew?"