Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Show Your True Colors

With the new trend in parties and receptions, the grand candy buffets and treat tables full of darling cupcakes. What a sight to behold, I love them but the problem I have is the amount of artificial colors involved.

I am so happy that there has been a new awareness. We are paying closer attention to what we are eating and products we are using. For so long we went along without regard to what we were putting in our bodies and the bodies of our children.
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The FDA has estimated that between 47,000 and 94,000 Americans are sensitive to food dye Yellow No. 5, one of the most commonly used dyes for one. It can cause asthma, hives, headache, and is linked to behavioral changes. In a double-blind study reported in the Journal of Pediatrics, the study clearly demonstrated a relation between ingestion of Yellow No. 5 and behavioral changes in children who are allergic to it.

Recent studies have linked artificial food colorings to cancer and brain tumors as well as links to hyperactivity ADD, ADHD, and other disruptive behaviors in children. Artificial colors are made up of tar derivatives, long chain hydrocarbons, and other petrochemicals and are of no use to your body.

In effort to safeguard our children the FDA is now requiring a warning label on foods with artificial dyes or colors and is considering, under the advisory of advocacy groups, banning the sale of the following commonly used colors: Yellow #5 and #6, Red #40 and #3, Blue #1 and #2, and Green #3, and Orange B

What's the solution? Nature's Solution
Nature's Flavors was the first company to come up with a full array of Natural & Organic Colors and Flavors and has always been committed to bringing our customers the best possible products. These colors are made using only all natural and organic plant extracts which have been shown to be high in bioflavonoids, polyphenols, and antioxidants all of which are active, beneficial, additives to you and your children's daily diet.

Nature's Flavors
100% all Natural Food Colors

Nature's Flavors Food Color is a Liquid Food Coloring made from all Natural Ingredients. It is Vegan Friendly, Kosher Certified, and Gluten Free. Our Blue Food Color is the natural alternative to artificial food dyes, and is packed full of powerful anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. This natural food coloring is also heat and freeze stable.

These colors work well in ice cream mixes, baking, beverages, sauces, snow cones, candy formulas, frostings, coloring milk, cottage cheese, or yogurt.

Shop Online : Nature's Flavors Home - Best Flavors Natural Food Coloring

India Tree Food Coloring Natural Decorating Colors

India Tree Food Coloring Natural Decorating Colors are made from highly concentrated vegetable colorants and contain absolutely no synthetic dyes or corn syrup. Just 3 simple colors – red, yellow, and blue - can be combined to produce icings in soft beautiful pastels and the rich jewel tones found only in nature, naturally! The full spectrum of colors you can create from India Tree natural food colors includes periwinkle, lavender, orange, violet, terra cotta, and green, in a lush, delicious, and natural variety of shades. Set of 3: red, yellow, and blue. 75 oz each, for a total of 2.25 oz of color in the set.

Ingredients: BLUE: glycerin, deionized water, red cabbage. RED: beet juice, citric acid. YELLOW: glycerin, deionized water, turmeric, sodium hydroxide.

India Tree Nature's Colors Decorating Sugar

India Tree Nature's Colors Decorating Sugar is subtly delicious. Made from FDA and EU approved vegetable colorants, with absolutely no artificial ingredients, Nature's Colors Decorating Sugar from India Tree are an exciting alternative to sugars made with artificial dyes. Contains sugar crystals, natural vegetable coloring and food grade carnauba wax. 3.3-ounce.

India Tree Nature's Colors  Nonpareils, 3 oz

India Tree Nature's Colors Lavender Nonpareils Party Decoratifs add a playful note to cookies, cupcakes, and ice cream. India Tree Nature's Colors Party Decoratifs come in festive colors created with all natural vegetable colorants approved by the EU and the FDA. 3-ounce jar.

Nature's Colors
• Frost White Decorating Sugar 3.3 oz.
• Raspberry Red Decorating Sugar 3.3 oz.
• Spring Green Decorating Sugar 3.3 oz.
• Sunflower Yellow Decorating Sugar 3.3 oz.
• Strawberry Pink Decorating Sugar 3.3 oz.
• Periwinkle Blue Decorating Sugar 3.3 oz.
• Marigold Orange Decorating Sugar 3.3 oz.
• Decorating Dye Set 2.25 oz.
• String of Pearls Party Decoratifs 3.5 oz.
• Snowflakes Party Decoratifs 1.7 oz.
• Pink Nonpareils Party Decoratifs 3 oz.
• Yellow Nonpareils Party Decoratifs 3 oz.
• Lavender Nonpareils Party Decoratifs 3 oz.
• White Nonpareils Party Decoratifs 3 oz.
• Peppermint Crunch Party Decoratifs 2.3 oz.
• Butterscotch Crunch Party Decoratifs 2.4 oz.

Shop Online: You can shop for India Tree products online at the following web sites. Please note that the sites might not offer the full line of India Tree products.


Natural Food Coloring by Chefmaster
This all natural  food coloring by chefmaster is really an all natural food coloring that you can use to color your cake icing with or anything else you need an all natural food coloring for. Each order is 1 oz
Chefmaster Natural Coloring

Chefmaster is an internationally known maker of decorating food colors has a line of natural coloring for food. While you may think it can only be used for icings, it can easily be use for any kind of food coloring.
Some Available Colors:
You can shop for these online at Bakers Nook

What Are They Made Of?

All natural food colorings are made from natural products that are safe to ingest. In the past, this was done by adding herbs, vegetables, and fruit to foods to change their color. For example, grated carrot was added to cream when it was being churned to give the butter a golden flavor. Making your own dyes can be a hit or miss operation. It is hard to know when you have an intense enough dye to give good color.

Commercial, natural dyes are not always organic. If you want the food coloring to be all natural as well as organic, be sure that both of these things are stated on the label or box. Read the ingredient list carefully, especially if someone in your family has allergies. Chamomile can set off an allergic reaction in people that have pollen allergies or are allergic to grass. If you are unsure call or email the company to get the answers you need.

Some of the colors available and what they are made from are:

Blue – often made from blueberry skins or red cabbage
Green - usually made from vegetable extracts, like spinach
Orange - made from a pulp which surrounds the annatto seed
Purple - made from a purple colored carrot
Brown - made from caramelized or burnt sugar, but may add flavor to some products
Red - often made of hibiscus
Yellow – made form turmeric
Blue – sometimes made from red cabbage
Pink – often made from beet


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Hi, Thank you so much for including India Tree's Nature's Colors in your informative post. We truly appreciate the mention and hope that you and your readers enjoy them to create colorful, delicious art at your next baking occasion.

One small correction: Each color in the three color Nature's Colors Natural Food Colors set is .75 oz, for a total of 2.25 oz of color in the set.