Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yes, They Are All Mine!

I found this great blog post from Holly @ A Mommy's Blessings.  It is so funny, I so get it all. I have heard these same questions, I love her comebacks.


SIX Children?!?!

Egads, people act like you have 2 heads when they find out how many children you have in a big family.
Walking around the store with all the littles in a row and baby in the sling, you can see the heads bobbing as they count and hear all the "tsk tsk's".
So tired of it.
You parents of large families know what I am talking about.
And when they hear we want more children?
Yes, we are from Mars, thank you very much.

So, from now on, I refuse to let those remarks get to me. Instead, I plan to have fun with the following comebacks!

1) "You have your hands full!"

2) "Are they all yours?"

3) "Don't you know what causes that?"

4) "Are you going to get fixed?"

5) "I can't believe how you do it, I cannot even handle my two!"

6) "Are you planning to have any more?" Or "You're done now, right?"

7) "I hope you aren't planning to have anymore?!?"

8) "Haven't you heard of birth control?"

9) "Don't you have a television?"

10) "How can you afford having so many?"

11) "I am glad it is you and not me!"

12) "Do you get any time for yourselves?"

13) "Did you give birth to all of them?"

14) "Are you going to have 19 children too?" (Like the Duggar's.)

15) When people just keep staring at your family....


Holly said...

Love your family!

Glad you enjoyed the post, and thanks for sharing it. You are a blessed woman!


Holly said...

heha, I was just looking, and realized you have the exact same amount of followers as me. 242. See? Kindred spirits after all. lol

Cherie said...

Christi - This is a funny post. I have 5 kids and I have heard all of this over the years. People are so funny!

I couldn't find an e-mail for you so I just wanted to tell you to feel free to use my post if you want to tell people about Badge Magic :D

Dawn said...

Ha! What a great post! :) I only have 2 babies, and that's probably all for me, but I love this post anyways! I am your newest follower from Meeting You Monday! :) Have a great week!

Lucky to be the mom said...

Christi! So very well said. I love being a mother, Lane loves being a father! When and why did children become a burden rather than extended family, best friends, a buddy to play with?
Motherhood and Homemaking are SERIOUSLY, VERY SERIOUSLY under rated!
I would love more children - but I can't, so I borrow, borrow, borrow :) Do you want to know how many seniors I had graduate from Provo High in May? Or how many kids (that I did not give birth to...does that somehow make me love them less? NOT!) I've spent hours to on the phone in the middle of the night while they're trying to talk through something they're struggling with?
I'm adopted, do my parents love me any less? NOPE!
Thank you Christi for shedding light on our marvelous career! Lucky us :)

Christi Williams said...

Lucky to be the mom: We are blessed! And how blessed our the lives of others you have touched.

Motherhood and Homemaking are SERIOUSLY under rated on this day and age. We need to help and support each other. The family is the most important no matter what and they also came in all different shapes and sizes.

Thank you for your positive outlook (((hugs))).

Mom's Review for you said...


Melissa here from MomsReview4You. Just wanted to let you know that I am following your blog! I would LOVE it if you could follow mine too!


Blanca said...

*rotflao* This was the funniest post I've read in ages. :-D Thanks!

I only have 2 children but not because I only wanted 2, that's the way God wanted it I guess. But I don't complain because I'm a teacher and I have plenty of kids I borrow for some hours a week. *lol*

Take care and God bless.

Susie B. Homemaker said...

Loved this post!! My mom had 9 kids- 6 girls, 3 boys (I'm 4th from the top) and we got looks all the time... I'm sure my mom wanted to say some of the above comments, or maybe she did use some of them! :D You have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

My niece forwarded this on to me, she knew I would love it. :) I am the oldest of 9, and now the mother of 8. And I have heard almost all these before!! I LOVE your comebacks!I cant wait to show my husband. :)
I especially like--"Do you know what causes this? "A strong husband/wife bond,big hearts and the Lords blessing"