Friday, June 27, 2008

Flash Back Friday - Camping / Girls Camp

As my Mom (Lois) has shared on her blog, two different blogs about camping and the many great camping trips through the years. Family Camp, Girls Camp, I have so many great memories. We would make a kitchen area, and bathroom area with crates, we also had a clock hung up on a tree. I loved it. Girls Camp has also been a love of mine, for many of the years my mother was head cook at Girls Camp, giving me special entry into the treats! Here is a post I left on her blog…

I loved all our camping trips, what great memories I have of treasure hunts, "did you hear that", playing pit and green skittles out your nose. Me heating up my hot rollers in a pot over the fire so I could do my hair. LOL

I loved having you up at Girls Camp, sneaking in for extra treats, stealing the shower curtain, and all the forks and spoons. It was so fun!!

I love the sitting by the campfire, looking at the stars all night, I never slept very well, but I loved the breakfasts - Yummy

Mom as head cook (she's in the back row at the end at the right)

Just before a hike (how fashionable I look)

Leading Music - Bearskin Meadows

Family Camp in Yosemite

Dorabella Campground

My First Year at Girls Camp,
with my Best Friend Ann -
at Bearskin Meadows

Family Camp - Shaver Lake - again with my Best Friend Ann

Ashley taking a bath in a bowl at Dorabella Campground
July - 19985

Ashley and I - at Girls Camp in Alabama - 1997

Ashley and I - at Girls Camp in Ohio - 1998

I am on the hunt for more pictures!!


Michael & Lois Tanner said...

Oh Christi, how great. I didn't even know these pictures existed. I love them. I remember seeing them now. I love the one of Dorabella because I don't have any that I can find of that time period. How about the one's with Ashley getting bathed in a bowl on the picnic table? What fun times we had, what wonderful memories.
Love you

Lisa said...

I love it too!! I want to go camping with you and mom again sometime! Such happy memories (except for the bugs) and I hope to give our kids those fun memories too.

aaaaaaron said...
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The Tanners said...

Oh, so many fun times and memories.