Friday, June 27, 2008

What’s for Dinner?

I have come to hate that question, all though I do consider myself a very good cook. It can really be a pain to have to think of something for dinner every night! It not so easy to just fake it with a family this size and the fact that they are all growing up makes it that much harder. Going out to eat is out of the question, again just the sheer size of our family. The cost is so high we could eat for a week at home for the price we spent eating out. I am lucky, I do have kids big enough that I pass off the task to them once in while. (okay more often then not anymore)

Like most of us I have my standards list of meals we like, oh but please pull me out of the rut I find myself in. I do not have ONE dinner that everyone likes. So that is what cereal is for, if you don’t like what we are having, you can have a bowl of cereal. I am Not a short order cook!!


Michael & Lois Tanner said...

Sounds like you might have learned that last comment from home. Like I used to say at times, this is your mother's kitchen not a restaurant. I was lucky that you kids liked most of the same things. Remember I have always said if it hasn't been decided before, it needs to be the first think decided in the morning. Then it is off your mind all day. I love you, glad I don't have to cook for that size of a group everyday. But I do agree you are a wonderful cook. Love, Mom

Lisa said...

Ugh--I'm not good at the meal planning thing. I know I would enjoy cooking more if I planned ahead. Last week I went through my fridge and pantry and planned the meals for the week with what we already had. This is not a novel concept, but I'm just catching on!