Sunday, June 8, 2008

Disneyland - The Happiest Place on Earth?

We had a good time on our graduation vacation to Disneyland, California Adventures and Knotts Berry Farm. We want to Thank Dad & Mom Williams and Mom & Michael for helping us so much. We were able to stay at Aunt Carole & Uncle Dave's house. We were spoiled with a wonderful breakfast each morning and hot dinner when we got home. They have a great hot water heater that never ran out of hot water, allowing all (11) of us to shower and get ready each day. What a blessing it was. Thank you for everything.

It was so fun to have all the kids with us. We started off on Monday at California Adventures, trading off with the big rides and the other things that Lindsay could do. It was a nice day and not very crowed. We could not believe who we ran into, two of our most favorite families - Roni and Charlene Andersen at California Adventures, one of their girls were dancing in a show there and Scott and Julie Edwards at Knotts Berry Farm with their whole family on Tues.

The week was full of great moments that we all will remember for a long time. As you would expect with this many young women we had a few suffering with PMS, can we say Grumpy. And at any given moment there was someone not happy with what we were doing. Besides that, we had a great time.

The weather was wonderful, being together was wonderful, riding rides, watching parades, laughing, trading pins, being scared and helping each other. I told all the kids "I hope one day when your the Mommy or Daddy, that you will realize how much work, energy and money it takes to make trips like this possible" I want them to be grateful for these moments, there will come a day that we will not always get to be together.

Mrs & Mr Incredible - Derek, Lindsay and Devin

Hollywood Tower of Terror

The whole family at California Adventures

Donny and Christi

Lindsay wanted to be in the monkey cage on the Casey Jr Train

The Mad Tea Party Tea Cups - Donny, Lindsay, Devin & Derek

Kristen, Alissa & Shelby

Sierra & Katie (You'll notice that Ashley and I did not ride the Tea Cups)

Derek, Devin and Lindsay on the train - (what's up with Lindsay)

Christi, Donny, Scott and Julie Edwards

The Williams Family at Knotts Berry Farm

Our Family picture with Pooh - 2008

Shelby, Lindsay with Minnie Mouse

Lindsay with Mickey Mouse

All of us with Mickey

Lindsay, Shelby with Cinderella

Walt and Mickey and the quote under their saute

A great picture of Lindsay with her Daddy Donny

Donny with 6 of his 7 girls (Shelby stayed home that evening)

Christi, Donny, Aunt Carole, "Buddy" the dog and Uncle Dave


MAX said...

9 children ? Bravo !!! nothing better than a big family, where happiness is multiplied and sadness divided.

Michael & Lois Tanner said...

Such fun pictures. Reminds me of our trip, an unforgettable experience. Love you, Mom