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Some of the Music I Love!! - (Church)

I love music, good music. Here are some of my favorite CD's. The messages brought unto my heart and the peace that comes to me is like a touch of heaven. Music can touch the soul. It can bring you answers you were seeking for, it can bring the light into your life, chasing out the darkness. I hope you will go out and try some of these. I have many more I just wanted to share with everyone.

Clay In His Hands

by Jessie Clark Funk

But now, O LORD, thou art our father we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.-Isaiah 64:8

In a voice that rings faithful and true, 19 year old vocalist Jessie Clark sings her heartfelt testimony of Faith, Obedience, Prayer, Courage, Service, and Trusting in the Atonement; on this exciting new CD, Clay In His Hands. Inspired by the words of Isaiah, the songs chosen for Clay In His Hands encourage us to look to the Lord, to give our will over to Him and seek to do His work in how we live our lives. Jessie's powerful vocals combined with her dynamic personality and strong testimony make her, and her CD, a favorite of leaders, parents and youth of all ages. Thousands were touched when Jessie sang as part of presentations by popular speaker Scott Anderson during the 2003 Education Week at BYU.
Jessie was a featured vocalist on the 2003 EFY CD, Look and Live, performing "I Feel My Savior's Love." This song was played at hundreds of EFY devotionals throughout the United States.

Tracks include:
New Jerusalem
Clay In His Hands (Inspired by "In The Potters Hand" by Larry A. Hiller, New Era, Dec. 1999)
Hold On, The Light Will Come
Hear Me
You Know Who I Am
How Do You Move A Mountain
Keeper of the Flame
Would I Know You Now
I Will Go And Do
Go In Peace
He Knew
The Station
Softly Now The Light of Day


Better than I

by Jessie Clark Funk

Jessie's first CD, Clay In His Hands, garnered four Pearl Awards and a coveted Listeners Choice Award, establishing her as one of the finest inspirational vocalists in LDS music and a favorite performer of youth and adults. Better Than I features 15 outstanding songs of faith, spiritual strength, perseverance, testimony and trust in the Lord. Features an inspiring duet with her husband, Jim Funk, -- plus a special bonus track


Everything Speaks His Name
by Jessie Clark Funk

Jessie's stirring voice and inspiring songs have made her one of the most beloved recording artists in LDS music; and a favorite youth speaker and performer. Her first two CD's, Clay In His Hands & Better Than I, have garnered numerous Pearl Awards, and inspired listeners around the world. Filled with touching songs of hope, faith, celebration, and testimony Everything Speaks His Name features Jessie at her best.


Women of Destiny: Songs Celebrating
the Declaration of the Relief Society

Women of Destiny brings together the best talents in the LDS music community in celebration of the mission of the Relief Society, today over four million members strong. From choral anthems to contemporary ballads, this is music to remind women of their unique and powerful place in this world, from some of today's most popular LDS songwriters and performers. Featuring two songs--"Someday He Will Come" and "Sisters in Christ"--written for and performed by Grammy Award winning Gladys Knight, the album also includes songs written by Michael McLean, Hilary Weeks, Staci Peters, and Tyler Castleton. Women of Destiny will soon become a powerful motivator for women to raise their spirituality, to stand against the forces of evil, and to remember their divine heritage and potential. It is the music every woman will cherish as she strives to become a "woman of destiny.

Women of Destiny, Volume 2: Songs
Celebrating the Relief Society Declaration

Tracks Include:
Women of Destiny
We're Sisters
In the Meantime
You'll Get Through This
Forward with Faith
The Woman I Was Before
If I Could Take Your Place
Some Other Time
Power of Heaven
Day of Grace


My Servant Joseph 200th Anniversary
Kenneth Cope

Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration. Walk by his side as he grows in testimony, rejoices with angels, sorrows in tribulation, finds peace from the Savior and holds out faithful until death. My Servant Joseph Kenneth Copes landmark album, reminds us of the importance of the Prophet's great mission. This special edition includes additional tracks and feature just in time for the anniversary of the prophet Joseph's birth!



Pray always, and I will pour out my Spirit upon you, and great shall be your blessing--D&C 19:38

Speaking of Prayer President Gordon B. Hinckley writes; "Prayer unlocks the powers of heaven in our behalf. Prayer is the great gift which our Eternal Father has given us by which we may approach Him and speak with Him. . . Be prayerful. You need the help of the Lord." This unique CD brings together fifteen inspiring vocal and instrumental songs that celebrate the wonderful privilege and gift of Prayer; and the blessing of Prayer in each of our lives.

Includes--Morning Prayer (Instrumental) - Greg HansenOn My Knee's - Jessie Clark FunkMy Soul Hungered - Barry HansenDid You Think to Pray (Instrumental) Lysa Rytting and Beverly HansenHeaven's Fire - Johanne Freschette PerryWill He Really Answer Me - Joy GardnerSearch, Ponder, and Pray (Instrumental) - Michael DowdleI Need Thee Every Hour - Katherine NelsonHe Hears Me - Holli AmmonThe Lord Is My Shepherd (Instrumental) Lysa Rytting and Beverly HansenPrayer of The Walking Child - Dave TinneyThe Holy Spirit (Instrumental) - Greg HansenSweet Hour of Prayer (Instrumental) - Michael DowdleWhat A Friend We Have In Jesus - Tammy RobinsonEvening Prayer (Instrumental) - Greg Hansen

Women At The Well
by Kenneth Cope

Kenneth Cope's latest inspiration draws upon the realization that women were the catalysts to many of the New Testament's most spiritually poignant moments. A woman touches His garment, a woman hearkens to His invitation at a well, a woman washes His feet with her hair, a woman discovers His empty tomb. Written for women and performed by women, Women At The Well will stir the very center of your soul.

Women at the Well
Close Enough to Touch
Daughter, Arise
If Thou Had Been Here
Go in Peace
Foolish or Wise
Day of Tears
Miracle From Heaven
He Came For Me
Greater Love
Women at the Well Reprise

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