Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Mind, Body and Soul are Connected.

Our mind, body and soul are connected. It is through these connections that our lives manifest. We see evidence of that all around us in how we feel and how we act. When we don’t get enough sleep the chain reaction starts from exhaustion – leading to emotionally eating to get through the day - then snapping at your child because they have spilled one too many drinks on the floor that day. This is a simplified example of what can occur; but what if the opposite scenario is possible? It can be!

Picture a mother centered and rested. It may seem like an impossibility to say ‘mother and rested’ in the same sentence. But the rest you are seeking can be like the eye of a storm. The storm is still raging all around a mother but in the center – is where the calm resides. A day that is full of possibilities, fun and love - even if the baby didn’t sleep all night! Why are you feeling depleted? What are your inner beliefs about yourself and life?

We all have tipping points where we see our story isn’t what we dreamed it would be. We see the signs in our physical health, our relationships and in our business experiences. With fear, anger and avoiding behaviors we find ourselves in crisis. You may be cycling in ways that feel shameful such as addictions. The market is flooded with guide books, experts and practitioners to help fix our problems. But the answers, to what we perceive as life’s problems, are found inside our souls. How do we find those answers? Where is the balance we all are seeking? Where can you refine, refocus and respond authentically to your life? These subjects are discussed in the Soul Essentials curriculum. Here you will learn more about slowing down and sitting still so you can get up and move more joyfully through life.

Ganel-Lyn K. Condie

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Linn said...

I am one of the founders of 5000moms and I came across your blog as I was researching some of our information out there. I just had to say thanks so much for what you put on your blog and we are thrilled to have you and your support of us! Your family is absolutely darling--thanks again!