Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ode to Canada - from Lisa

This is from most creative, talented sister Lisa...

Ode to Canada

O Halifax, Canada,
take care of our missionaries.
Keep their hearts warm
when your chill makes them wary.

They’ll come from afar
to help in the work
of teaching your people
the gospel’s word.

Your islands and ferries
and bridges, for the novices,
will lend for weekend adventures-
some distraction from the office.

We hope the sea air
will guard them from chill,
or frostbite, or windburn,
or any other frigid ill.

(Oh, and we’re thankful
that near them, in close proximity,
are plenty of stores
for healthy snacks unlimited.)

These servants will go
with faith, as in times of old.
To further God’s plan--
did I mention there’d be cold?

Though missed by their loved ones,
we know we are blessed
to send out our parents
and wish them the best.

The Lord will provide
for doesn’t He know?
Yes, the way is prepared
Now, sow missionaries, sow.

We'll miss you!

Love You Mom & Dad

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