Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alissa Turns "21"

Time is flying by, my kids are growing up so fast. When you have babies you see yourself as a young family with lots of children, but you soon realize that they don't stay small for very long.

Breakfast at Kneaders
Alissa (all grown up)

Yummy Food

Adam Welsh & Alissa Williams
(the AW Birthdays)

Donny and I enjoyed a great breakfast with Alissa at Kneaders, Then Alissa and her friend Adam had planned a party together. Great food of pork, rice and salads. So many of Alissa's friends.
We left early so we didn't cramp her style :-)


The Tanners said...

Look at Alissa right now and remember that I was that same age when I had you. Your are a beautiful Mom with a beautiful daughter. (of course more than one, but we are talking about this one right now). Love you

Heather said...

What a small world! You may not remember me, but I use to live in the Fairmont Ward and watched you children a time or two. My how everyone is grown. I can't even recognize them. I am married now and have three of my own and they grow up way too fast.