Friday, December 19, 2008

Let me vent...............

I love my husband, my children (all 9+1 of them), my family and having the gospel in my life. I love to blog, facebook and doing "Our" Family Newsletters. But sometimes it's not all just happy go lucky.

Having a child with mental illness and behavior problems, telling me everyday that they hate me and how stupid I am, can be discouraging. I really can’t “do” anything right for this child.

It’s a daily battle from the morning until I get this child to sleep, which can be as late as 2:00am. Getting this child to school is an all out fight. Even though this child is so bright, talented, and has an amazing testimony. I know it is a battle for them too, with mind, body and spirit.

Is my battle any harder then others? NO, I know many suffer with challenges much harder than mine. My heart and love goes out to you. I guess I am asking for understanding and love. We do not always see the hurt and struggles of others. Let us be aware, sensitive and kinder to each other.


The Lehnick Family said... are allowed to vent...all of us parents need to do that...We all face some challenges in life, some more than others...but on the positive side, we all learn most from these children in need. I have my days where I think," Boy, I am in it for a lifetime...and there are times I have to vent, so don't feel guilty in any are a wonderful mother and you have a beautiful family. I feel like I ask for understanding all the know that my heart is with you as a mother and a friend.

Debbie said...

Don't we all have our "hard stuff"? I'm sorry that you have to go through this. I have several friends who are in similar situations. It can suck the life out of you. Hang in there! You do so much. Don't ever understimate all the good you do. I love "real" and open blog posts. Thanks for sharing! And you can vent all you want. It's your blog, right?

The Tanners said...

It is so good to have a place to be able to express your feelings. I know we are taught to be positive and uplifting all the time. I know it is not easy to do that. So vent away, you have those that are glad to hear you and support you. Things do and will get better. Things do stretch us and we grow, painfully at times, but we do grow. I love you.