Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections of Christ Slideshow

This ia a beautiful slide show presentation of Mark Mabry's photographs (Reflections of Christ). Music is from the Reflections of Christ CD. These images were part of an exhibit that was on display at the Arizona Temple Visitors which I had the opportunity to see in person this past April. It was breath taking experience.


The Crazy Clawson's said...

that was neat...hope all is well for your fam

Linze Kate said...

Hey there -
I know you have NO idea who I am and apologize if this appears invasive in any way. I stumbled across you blog when I was poking around the internet for blog ideas to give mine a little pizazz! Haha... :)

I noticed that you have "Church of Jesus Christ" button to link directly to the website. I was wondering how you created it so that it has the picture of Christ, the Book of Mormon, or church name on there?

If you could message me back on my blog or email me and let me know that would be fabulous! Thank you so much and have a great week! :)

*muah*Linze* -

P.S. Your blog is ADORABLE by the way and I got my on background from thecutestblogontheblock because of your page! :) Cheers!

Kimberly said...

We had Mark Mabry's exhibit on display in our foyer during the run of "Savior of the World". After closing night I got the chance to help him get his art all packed up in the trailer. Then the next night he did a fireside on our stage where he had his 5 favorite pieces and talked to our cast and their families about some personal stories behind the art. He is such a laid back guy and it was really inspiring to hear him talk about what he gave up to do this. His work is so amazing. I love it!