Thursday, January 1, 2009

This must be a dream....

This year for Christmas we had a secret Santa that did the 12 days of Christmas for our Family. Each night around 9:00pm someone or some elves would knock on the door or ring the door bell and would leave a gift on the door step. With wonderful anticipation we waited each evening to see what they had brought for us. Some gifts we smaller like cans of hot cocoa with candy canes (which we loved) to a night when a gift card was given to each family member. ToyRUs for the youngest three with clothing store cards for older girls, like 5-7-9, Aeropostale and Wetseal. It was fun to go to the Mall, something we really don’t do.

First stop ToyRUs; we let the kids pick something out. Lindsay fell in love with these baby princess dolls, there was Cinderella, Bell & Tinkerbell. She looked at them for a little while and then picked Cinderella.

The next morning she was carrying her doll as she was walking around the house. She had a look of concern on her face, she sighed a really big sigh, so I asked her what was wrong.

Lindsay: “This must be a Dream

Mom: “Why is that?”

Lindsay:" Because I have this doll."

Lindsay: "Dreams really do come true

How sweet is that? She is 3.


Debbie said...

What a sweet, thankful heart Lindsay has. That is too cute.

I love her doll. KT had the "Belle" one of these when she was little.

Lisa said...


That is too precious. I'm glad you wrote it down! And what a neat service for someone to do for you guys. You are loved!

The Tanners said...

Yes, you are loved. Kind people living the Gospel. What a blessing.