Friday, January 9, 2009

My Make-up Walks

This is a picture of my make-up basket; you'll notice the pink nail polish on most of it. This is because my make-up walks. What do I mean by that, some mornings I would go to put my make-up on and most of it would not be there. With as many females I have in my house everyone thinks what is mine is theirs. I would find my stuff in the other bathroom, bedrooms and even in purses off to school for the day.

So this is the measure I had to take. To "mark my territory" It's working, no one can miss the markings. They still come and use what they want, but at least it stays there. (One battle won I guess)

The thing is I remembering doing this to my Mom. I am so sorry Mom for not respecting your space, your things and thinking I was privileged enough to take and use what I wanted when ever I wanted. What is wrong with the teenage brain??


LaurieJ said...

Haha! I was thinking of a post about how my eyeliner keeps disappearing and my girls aren't even wearing make-up yet! I will have to remember the X marks the spot when they do :-)

Debbie said...

Love the pink X - very clever. I don't remember borrowing my Mom's makeup, but it sounds like fun to have all those options.

I will keep you in my prayers about your family and recent events. Life can sure be challenging, but thankfully we're never alone.

I agree with all your comments about people loving and not judging. We all need more support in the hard stuff!

Boydston Family said...

That is a good idea!! I remember my mom would yell at us for stealing her makeup, but then she would find it in a different drawer that she had left it in. She still blames us even though we don't live there.

Lisa said...

First, I must say that I love how organized your make-up basket is.

Second, this idea is very smart. Maybe every girl in the family should have a different color of nailpolish!

Third, I love Bare Minerals too!

The Tanners said...

What is wrong with the teenage brain? Don't know for sure, but you got to love it. My make-up did some walking with Lisa too, I had a teenage brain too you know. I think I still do now and then. Sometimes I wish I still had someone under the roof to "share" my makeup (& time) with. Love you & Liaa both.

Carrie Ann said...

The EXACT thing happened in our family but it was office supplies that walked off. We just used my parents bathroom and everything in it like it was our own, so I guess it all stayed put. But my parents both have an office supply addiction which came in handy when we were in school. I'm sure they supplied half our class with pens, paper, hole punches, binders, markers, you name it.