Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Morning Madness

With the beginning of a New Year comes a new church start time. We went from stating at 11:00am to starting at 1:00pm. I am already concerned about having two VERY rambunctious 9 years old boys who seem to be tearing the house apart and beating each other up (rough housing). So much for a reverent Sabbath morning.

We will see how this works over time. We will have to make a plan that will keep them in check, or maybe... they will wear themselves out before we get to church so we will have a reverent sacrament meeting.

(Hummm, I think that might be too good to be true.)


The Tanners said...

And we went from a 2:00pm start time to 9:00am. It was fun sleeping in sometimes. I do like the 9:00 time better, but you sure can't wait until Sunday to read your lessons. I can see how it could be difficult to keep everyone on a Sabbath track until time to get ready for Church and then just about nap time. LOL Are we ever going to be on the same page? for our meeting times.

brunger bunch said...

I cant't believe ashley is married!!! Time flys. We also have a blog..come visit. I think when we moved we only had one child..its talk soon!!