Friday, January 16, 2009

Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour

We loved going to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour in Fig Garden Village, in Fresno, Calif when ever we found a chance like FHE, birthdays, after Stake Dances, after we had gone down Christmas Tree Lane. We loved browsing and shopping the Farrell’s Candy Store full of candy & toys. (A child’s dream) The jaw breakers came in all sizes from the size of a softball to smaller, rock candy and candy buttons in all colors. We would order hamburgers, but most of all the ice cream. What great memories I have.

It was always fun to go on your birthday you would great free sundae and all of the waiters and waitresses banging the drums and singing "Happy Birthday". I remember the player piano, the candy store, the straw hats, the menus printed on newspaper, and the drums and sirens that sounded during a birthday fest.

The Farrell's Zoo – two servers would run around with the Zoo bowl on a little stretcher and make a big commotion before dropping it off at the table. They had an old hand-cranked fire siren that sounded all the time the servers were delivering The Zoo. It was loads of ice cream and you got to take home the little plastic animals.

The Pig's Trough – was actually 2 banana splits together – If you ate all of it own your own you would be given a ribbon or a pin

The "Tin Roof" was another great sundae - with really thick hot, hot, hot dark fudge served on the side, in a tin cup, to pour over at will, and lots of roasted peanuts to toss on top. Utter Heaven.

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Debbie said...

What a neat place. I love your reminiscing.

You were such a darling girl - reminds me lots of your daughters.