Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lake Powell - 4th of July Weekend - 2009

We went to Lake Powell over the 4th of July weekend. We had a blast. That was the first time we had ever been there. We went to the Wahweep Marina just outside of Page AZ. It is so amazing and beautiful. The Hall family invited us to their house boat and welcomed us in as family. We play hard, ate great food, swam and danced.

It was funny if you used your cell phone at one end of the boat you would get Utah time and service and if you moved to the other end of the boat you would get AZ time and service.

On the 4th of went off the boat and climb up a huge rock and sat on top where we could see the fireworks being shot off in Page, as we were returning to the boat, Ashley was almost bit by a rattle snake, thank goodness for Greg Hall, who caught the snake and killed it.


Donny & Derek

The House Boat

Alissa on top on the house boat, where we laid out, danced and all the big kids slept.

Christi & Donny

Inside at one of the kitchen tables all the girls 
Sierra, Lindsay, Ashley, Alissa, Kristen, Katie & Shelby. 
You will have to asked the girls about 
the sun burns that got!!

After our great weekend. (we over packed!!)

Thank you Hall family, for the great memories!!

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