Friday, August 28, 2009

What are they eating?

After being a mother for 24 years, I thought a few insights of what I had learned would be helpful. I would like to give out some more information that I feel strongly about and if it can help one mother out there my effort has been for good.

Okay, let me set the scene for you. (This can be any place at any time) You have made it to church, even on time. Good Job! You laid out the clothes the night before, even the socks and shoes (that is always the killer) why can you only find one shoe when you really need to get out the door?

You have packed the diaper bag with toys, books and snacks. You wait until they have passed the bread and water, always waiting until the boys have sat down :-), and now you hand out the snacks. Within about 1o - 15 mins. Your child is crying, hitting, biting she/he has lost all control and coping skills. What just happened?

When picking out, buying food and snacks many watch for fat and sugar content but overlook a very important thing. Artificial Colors and Flavors!! Our children are becoming so sensitive to these things. They lurk everywhere, in yogurt, cereal, Kool Aid, drinks, juices, candy, fruit snacks, otter pops, soda, condiments, ice cream, chips, lunch meats, crackers, soups, jellies, jams etc. Unfortunately they are everywhere. I find that they tend to be in items that are less expensive or in generic brands. Real is best.

But what about “saving” money, at what cost in the long run? The health and well being of our children. You need to be aware, proactive, read the labels. You can find alternatives, small changes that will make huge differences.

Christi - Mother of 9

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