Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day - At the Races! - 5/31/10

We had a very nice Memorial Day; we enjoyed a great BBQ and then went to the Rocky Mountain Raceway to watch the races, Thank you to the Hall family we were able to attend and we had a great time!

Qivana has a car it races in the Rocky Mountain Challenge Series Late Models – it is owned by HALL Motorsports - and it is the metaboliq car for Qivana. Derek Hall is the CEO of Qivana and has had a race team for years.

Katie & Devin

Donny & Lindsay in the stands

Christi & Donny

Derek and Devin with "Rocky" the mascot

04 - Metaboliq car for Qivana -
 owed by HALL Motorsports and driven by Lynn Hardy

2010 Chevy Camaro: Official Pacecar
All the kids had a turn to ride in the pace car, starting or restarting races!!
How fun is that?

Shelby getting out after her turn

Go Sierra!

Lindsay & Katie

It's a 3/8 - Mile Asphalt Oval, 5 Degree Straightaway (800' long) 7-11 Degree Corners - it's fast and loud

Devin, Derek and Katie in the pace car

Katie got to award the trophy to the winner of the  YOUNG CHEVROLET 100 Rocky Mountain Challenge Series Late Models. The winner - 03 car- Steve Jones of Boise, Idaho

Lynn Hardy driver of the 04 car, The Metaboliq car for Qivana and HALL Motorsports

and when you know the owners and the driver you get to sit in the race car.
 (so cool!!)

What fun memories we made!!

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