Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Bobcat to Wolf - Derek & Devin

This has been a fast and fun filled year; the boys will soon be 9. They have enjoyed scouting so much, they loved Day Camp and the Pack Meetings and the other activities that they have been able to do. They have now moved rank from a Bobcat to a Wolf. Great Job Guys!!

The picture is dark because, it was set up like a campout
with a "fire", tent and all the extras.
Very Cool! - We have great leaders!!

The pining on of the Wolf Pins
Since we have two boys, they pined one on me than one on Donny

Donny, Derek and Devin
(I really need to sew on all their awards - what a slacker I am) HELP!!

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The Tanners said...

Good work Derek and Devin. Did you guys know that I was a Den Leader about the time that Uncle Jason was your age? He was in my den and we had such a good time sharing that time together. Keep up the good work in scouts, it is a good way to learn a lot of things. Love you guys.
Grandma and Grandpa Michael