Friday, August 15, 2008

An Observation - I blog lifted!!

I am sharing with you a very smart and witty
observation from my niece Magen.
You can find a link to her blog on this page.

My Observations
So today during church I was made several observations concerning male attire. Now being that I once worked in the men’s department at Nordstrom I feel like I have a bit of knowledge on the subject. Now please forgive my ramblings....

1. If at all possible guys should wear a suit...the look is impressive and classy

2. Guys should be mindful of 2 button vs 3 button suits...i hate seeing shorter guys in 3 buttons accentuates their short comings

3. Skinny guys should try and get tailor dress shirts cause its way more flattering on their can find a great selection at Nordstrom

4. Long-sleeve dress shirts only...well unless you're on some tropical island

5. Once wearing the long sleeve dress shirt don't roll the sleeves up...its looks sloppy!

6. To win the crowd over throw a pair of cuff links in the mix...they are BEA-utiful!

7. Pleats on the trousers should lie flat...if they're open go up a size

8. Don't be close minded to alterations...most slacks need altered in some way

9. At all times refrain from wearing any and all ties with carton characters

10. If the shirt does not look perfectly white then get rid of it and buy a new one!

AND Finally...11. I suggest squared off shoes....rounded were the shoes of our fathers

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