Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Family Bed???

When we had first child we would let her come and get in bed with us when she would wake up in the middle of the night. Until I was big and pregnant with our second baby, the first would wiggly around and end of kicking me in the tummy. We decided that night that we could not do this anymore. I remember that first night of breaking her from coming into our room was hard and the next few nights were horrible. But once we did it, we didn't have that problem again.

Then one night when our second daughter was sick Donny was too tired to make her a bed on the floor, he said "just this once" and he laid her on his side of the bed. Yes, you guessed it, she throw up all over him and all over the bed. I was huge and pregnant with our third this time, and thought I was going to a... join the in the fun. Yucky!

So if the children are sick we make a bed for them on the floor by our bed or out in the hallway by the bathroom.

Since we had broken the first one from coming into our bed, the others really never did it. We enjoyed that until now with our 9th. Are we weak, older or just too tired?? I am not sure, but I do know that 20 years later I have another wiggly 3 year old coming and getting into bed with us and kicking me in the tummy again and I love it.


Debbie said...

What a cute post, Christi. We struggled with KT and the same issues, but I've held strong the with last two. I just don't sleep well when I'm getting pushed sideways out of bed.

I think it's sweet that you love it with you're 9th. You are a sweet Mom.

brunger bunch said...

I'll have to agree whole heartedly. Maybe its something to do with the last one. Mine is only 18 months but insists on sleeping with mom and dad. Once she falls asleep, she goes to her crib. We'll see what happens when she is out of a crib, and can walk right back into mom and dads room.

Taylor's said...

Hi, Donny and Christi
I am so happy I found your blog (Thanks Debbie) It has been a little while and I am happy to get an update on your family. I think you guys are great!
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The Tanners said...

Since I have had some experience with that same wiggly three year old climbing into our bed in the middle of the night I know what you mean. She is such a little sweetie who could say no? Not me.