Monday, February 23, 2009

Watch out! They're out to get You

Okay the state of Utah, like everywhere needs more revenue, so every cop, highway patrol and sheriff are out looking for ANY reason to give out tickets.

In a period of 2 1/2 weeks, Donny, Kristen and I have gotten tickets. Donny for speeding, there were no speed signs in the area, so he guessed the speed and he guessed wrong. (he has NEVER had a ticket), Kristen for tail gating while going into a roundabout. WHAT? (she has NEVER had a ticket) and me, because I didn't change lanes for a police car that had someone pulled over, the problem was there was someone in the lane beside me. (I have had a ticket, but about 18 years ago) So I have an arraignment date in March. (doesn’t that sound fun?)

Now we are all freaked out about driving anywhere. So any driving law that you have EVER heard of and even ones you haven’t, follow them!! Stop at the white line before the side walk, don't tailgate, change lanes for a policeman who has someone pulled over, don't speed, don't talk of your cell phone, buckle up and buckle all kids (I do any ways) make sure you are registered and have insurance. I hope this helps save you from any of the pain we have suffered. :-)


Debbie said...

No fun at all!

The Tanners said...

I have already had my ticket experience from a Provo police officer and traffic school, thank you very much. Utah seems harder to drive in than Clovis, California