Monday, April 6, 2009

A "Gift" that is hard to explain... but easy to understand

Happy Birthday Sierra "15"
on Mar 25, 2009
You're are growing into
an amazing person
I Love You.
In 1993 we moved to Fairmont, West Virginia from California. Donny was working for Bechtel and working on a project for the FBI. The area was beautiful but the people were not very accepting. The weather always overcast it seemed and not knowing anyone I fell into a very lonely depression. At the time we had four girls with the youngest being very ill (refer to the post Happy "16th" Birthday Katie) we lived on the top of a hill with beautiful views of God's creations and yet the place I found myself was alone beyond understanding. I had a sister come up to me at church and say “You don’t belong here! Don’t be coming here thinking you’re going to change us with your California ideas” Stunned and with tears in my eyes I said “I am a member here”.

The kids seemed to adjust quickly and Donny was busy with work and church callings. Struggling with a sick child and very unhappy I soon found out that I was expecting again #5. Unprepared for such news, I hide it to the best of my ability. (My Dad already thought we had enough kids.) I carry big and out front so hiding it wasn’t going to last too long. I wondered why at that time was I to have another baby.

I knew I had to turn inward, forgetting the chaos of the Ward and world around me. I continue to search to find the help that Katie needed as my body was changing with my expanding waistline. It was soon realized what was happening, as I got bigger it seemed the hearts of those around me softened they were kinder and more loving. We were making lasting friendships, my experiences now different. At first questioning the Lord and yet all along he knew what I needed, what they needed.

Dear Sierra, You were a precious gift to me from our Heavenly Father at a time I needed it more than I realized.

Fairmont, WV 1994

A baby Shower for Sierra
April 7, 1994

Mommy & Sierra

Blessing Day


TheAndFam said...

What a sweet little baby Sierra! She truly is a blessing in all our lives!

Lisa said...

Oh, what a sweet post. I love seeing old pictures of your family. And by the way, Sierra looks so mature and lovely. I can't believe she is 15!

brunger bunch said...

So, so sweet...hope she had a great birthday. Growing up so fast:)