Friday, April 10, 2009

How do kids do it???

How do kids find the most amazing and the most impossible ways to hurt themselves?

(Warning there are some graphic pictures)

I got a call yesterday from the school "Mrs. Williams, Derek has had a little accident and we think he will need stitches in his leg" Okay I said. I sent Donny to pick up Derek as I called the doctor. By the time I had Derek his leg had been wrapped so I didn't see how bad the injury was. As the Dr opened it up, to our surprise it was good sized opening.

And how did this injury occur you ask, the boys class was in the library at school. Derek was pushing this round step stool so he could reach a book off a higher shelf, the stool tipped over and he hit his leg on the bottom edge of the stool. At first he just though he hit it hard until Devin saw it. He was taken to the office and I was called. (There wasn't even a nurse there; the VP wrapped his leg up.)

Derek was a trooper he received 20 stitches (they removed a loose one) so he has 19 total. I was really proud of him; he received a lot of shots to numb the cut. Who would have ever thought a trip to the library could be so dangerous

PS: The stool has been fixed, so hopefully this doesn't happen to anyone else.


brunger bunch said...

What a brave kid!! Hope it heals well, he'll have a great story to tell:)

Lisa said...

Yes, my stomach turned a few times, but I had to look!

Brave Derek! I love the line, "Who knew a trip to the library could be so dangerous!" Very funny...