Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Ballroom Dancer? Lindsay's Jive


Looks like we have another Williams' dancer. This is Lindsay's Jive. Watch until the last hit (almost at the end). It looks just like big sis Alissa. (she is only 3 in this video)


Taylor's said...

So cute!!!! Someone has been watching their big sisters!

The Tanners said...

Precious, Lindsay has got it.

Scott and Athena said...

Oh my goodness!!! She's a doll!!! I'd say she's been watching those big sisters! CLOSELY! She's awesome!

Buell Fam said...

Wow she's got the moves! What a cutie!

abuelalori said...

Hi Donny,Christi and family,
Blast from the past here. It was so fun to run across your family and find out what's going on. Thank Meredith for pulling me along into the 21st century!
Mother to 11 (only birthed 8 myself) and grandmother to 25 and 2 more due this summer. Arden wife just had their first girl and she is the 8th(my 24th)! Born on her dad's birhtday, April 8! Meredith had c-section 9 days later.

Your blog spot is very up-lifting

Tara said...

That's darling! Way to go, Lindsay! I think it's great that she's learned so much from her older sisters. Guess you'll be doing this for quite some time.