Monday, May 11, 2009

Me & Mom on Mother's Day

Me & Mom on Mother's Day 2009

This was from Facebook, I was supposed to pick 5 things that reminded me of my Mom. As you can see I couldn't stop at just 5. I Love you Mom!!

Christi Leonard Williams Share 5 things that remind you of your mom: She is always there when I need her, She is a great cook, Heaven Scent, She is my best friend and she is an example in all things.

Glassware, Hummingbirds, Jacks, Marbles, Paper Dolls

Camping, Girls Camp, Oil Lamps, Christmas, Coupons

The Temple, Family History, Pictures, Nativities, Costumes

Smart, Creative, Talented, Funny, Scrabble (the queen)

Service, Honest, Pit, Dorabella, The Night Sky

Hugs, Long Phone Calls, Yard Sales, DI, Homemade Ice Cream

Preparedness, Wise, Tomatoes, Praymantis (hates them), Cherries

Roller Skates, Kip, Reading Light, Pyrex Bowls, Pots

Kites, Mashed Potatoes, Blocks, Camp Fires, Table Clothes

and so much more!!

Mother's Day cont.

My day started with a wonderful breakfast of french toast with homemade caramel syrup, bacon, fresh strawberries and orange juice. It was so yummy. (my camera was lost, so no pictures of the morning, but with earnest prayer we found the camera!) I got a call from Alissa in Palmyra, NY to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.

We went to church and than enjoyed a great dinner with my Mom and Dad. Ashley called, it was good to talk to her. I had everyone else with me, I love my family so much!! It was a GREAT Mother's Day! Thank you!

My stash ;-)

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Lisa said...

You gotta love the stash!

Wish I was there--looks yummy! I love your list of Mom Stuff, it's so HER.

Love you!