Friday, May 14, 2010

So Excited! - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I have been working hard to get my US passport. I have done some traveling and have been to Mexico and Canada but now with all the new rules I needed to get a passport.

My birthday gift from my sister Lisa (and her husband Steve) is that she is taking me to see our Mom and Dad in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (they are there serving a mission)  The land of Anne (with and E) Shirley, from Green Gables

We will be taking a ferry to Prince Edward Island, and going to the Farmers Market. I cannot wait to see all the sites. I am so excited.


Liz said...

Christi I am a brand new follower from TGC! My husband took me to Prince Edward Island last year as a surprise birthday gift. It is absolutely beautiful.I do not think you will be disappointed.

mub said...

I'm popping over from New Friend Friday!

I have my fingers crossed that the passport office is processing things faster than they were a couple of years ago! My mom came to visit me and it took MONTHS for it to get there. We were glad she'd applied for it well in advance *L*

I hope you have a wonderful wonderful time seeing your parents in Canada =)

Sandy said...

Hey Christie, you didn't link up to the MO Day post? This is what came up ... just letting you know.

Hope you had a great Mo Day! :) Sandy

philben5 said...

Thanks for your kind words and stopping by my blog on Mothers Day memories. We too have a Sierra! Ours is spelled Ciara.

Maria said...

Hi Christi!
My neighbor went to Prince Edward Island a few years back... she said it was like stepping back in time... I wish you a wonderful time there! Enjoy every moment!
Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite stories ~

~ Blessings ~

Lara said...

Ever since reading the Anne books I've wanted to visit Prince Edward Island. It certainly sounds so peaceful and idyllic.

I also wanted to tell you that I appreciated your comment on the FHE lesson I posted. I had included in the actual lesson plan a lot about having open dialogues with our kids on the subject, but didn't even realize that I hadn't put any of that into the actual post. I've gone ahead and added it. Thanks again for your feedback.

Have fun on your trip to Canada!