Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Goal Set, a Promise Kept

The events of the world have been on my mind as of late and I have been feeling that need to get prepared. I posted on my blog a little while back about some of things I had been working on. But about two weeks ago my sister I was talking on the phone, and we both realized that we had water barrels BUT had not filled them with water yet. A lot of good they would do us with no water in them.

So right there we both set a goal together that within the next two weeks we would have them filled. (yes two weeks) So today I received an email from my sister

Just a friendly reminder about "Mission: Water Storage" .... are we at the 2 week mark yet? 

Thank you, yea, still haven't done it. But now I will :-)
How about you??

five down, one more container to go :)

So I did it, here is one of the barrels!!

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Lara said...

Way to go on getting them filled. It's a pain. We had a couple of those water barrels sitting in our garage for 2 years before we ever filled them and I dread the day we ever have to move them.