Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Mother's Day!

I know that Mother's Day can come with mixed emotions. For those we can not have children, for those who have lost children and for Mother's who wonder do I measure up, I'm I doing a good job.

I had a wonderful morning at church, came home and was showered with gifts. I got to take a long nap and woke up to an amazing dinner. (Thank you Donny and to all my kids) I love you!

 My Boys 
 (got them both smiling, I am tickling them)

 after church

 from Lindsay

I LOVE aprons!!

 Great Book

 Fresh water pearls

 Homemade soap - (orange scent)

 A very much needed pizza cutter

A Flirty Apron Mother's Day

My Mom - Lois
My sister Lisa

Wow! Look at my group 

(the boys just loved doing this)

Me & Alissa

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Lucky to be the mom said...

A beautiful post! We're so blessed to have posterity. I was born to be a mother...and I never forget how blessed I am to be one!
Your family is beautiful :)