Thursday, October 30, 2008

------ 1st Ward Halloween Party ------

We had the 1st Ward Halloween Party on Tuesday evening. (I really do hate Halloween), but this was fun, they did a great job. There was a HUGE turn out. It was a dinner of homemade soups and rolls. I made a "taco soup" that was a hit! They had a pumpkin craving contest, a costume parade, awards and games. I think everyone had a great time.

Our cutie Lindsay

Donny and the Young Men
Doughnut on a String Game

Derek - a construction worker
he has a tool belt on full of tools

Shelby doing the Beehive's bean bag toss game
(The game was made by Grandpa & we made the bean bags)

Sierra (50's) & Katie (80's)
The fishing game

Devin - a football player!!
(he wanted to be a "dead" football player, I don't do "dead")

Kristen did a great job on her pumpkin

Sis Uppencamp, Carson and me ( a 50's house wife)
Not the best picture of me, but this was the only one I got


The Tanners said...

Looks like you did another good job. Such fun memories. All of your costumes look great. Love you, Mom

Tammy and Mark said...

I think you look great. The kids are so cute!

Lisa said...

Fun! I love your costume, you look great!