Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Williams Family Funny - Sustained

Okay, now it's the Williams Family's turn to have family inspired funny cartoon

From the beckstrombuzz Blog;


Remember Lisa Owens? Apparently she has a sister, Christi. She suggested drawing this incident from her life.

Thank you for the thought. Do y'all have any other crazy sibs? (yes, we do!!)

Post script: Since this incident, Christi has added two more children, bringing the total to nine!

From Christi;

Thank you Kevin - I Love It!! You captured the craziness I went through week after week and the look on her/my face is perfect.

I realized after I wrote you that I actually had 8 kids at that point, Donny served in the Bishopric for 5 1/2 years then he was called to the High Council just weeks after number 9 came along. Dejvue.
We have to give it up to all those mothers who are going through the same situation. Hang in there sisters! :-)

And as for more ideas we have plenty. LOL


Lisa said...

Ha-ha! I guess we do have quite a lot of material for him to work with! That is awesome that he took your suggestion!

Kevin Beckstrom said...

Just so you know, your cartoon landed in my 2008 Top Ten! Lisa's did, too, but yours ranked higher... :)

Keep up the good work!