Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yes, I am a Stoner, a Rhinestoner

I help design, rhinestone and decorate the girls ballroom dresses/costumes and jewelry. It is fun to take an idea of a design, type of fabric, color possibilities, and stones to create a costume.

Most of your ballroom dancers use Swarovski Austrian Crystal rhinestones, they are the best for color and sparkle. Yes, each stone goes on one at a time. But the end result is amazing. I love doing it.

The tools of my work

20ss Crystal AB stones

I paint the jewelry first the color we want them, then stone them
(I use model paint from a hobby store to get the great colors)

The BYU Tour Teams Latin Medley Shoes

Alissa's white dress with pink jewelry and
original design for her necklace

Katie's Standard Gown, with flower motif
Mary Poppins Dresses for the Standard Medley for Provo High
Donny & Kristen
The dress, brooch & buttons

This is a piece of very old vintage lace I dyed
and stoned completely with three different stone
colors in three different sizes
(this is her neck piece and it has matching arm bands)

Alissa's standard gown

Sometimes we choose bracelets and sometimes we do bands
- each have their own look

Alissa's signature "Fire Dress" for Latin
Those are strands of glass beads, strung by hand
(what was I thinking, I have to replace about 250 - 300 strands each time she dances in it)

(This is just a sample of some of the things I have done)

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Cortney said...

You should do a tutorial. That is amazing work. I am impressed!!