Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feeling the Need to Prepare

We have always received counsel to get prepared. I’ve grown up with this understanding; my bed frame was boxes of food storage. Growing up in California I experienced earthquakes, you feel very out of control. And as we have moved our family around the US we have lived in areas with all kinds of threats tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, blizzards, earthquakes, we even lived by a chemical depot in AL. I have always worked hard to store the things we needed, but it got a little tricky as we moved so often and with each threat comes a little different preparation. Now that we have been settled for a while I have felt the need once again to get prepared to really to work on it again.

Working on 72 hour kits is an ever on going process. As the kids keep growing and the importance of keeping food and water fresh, (you need to rotate every six months or so.) I first had backpacks for everyone with everything you would need, the problem there is no way the kids could carry them. Putting more in Mom and Dad’s pack is a solution, but what if you get separated? I went to clear boxes, you could see what was in there, I had one for kitchen/cooking supplies, one for bathroom/health care, another for food and one more for others items. They stacked nice and stay dry but they are not easy to move. All the while I would continue to gather food items for our year supply.

There seems to be more things happening in our world that enforces the need to prepare is some way, whatever way we can. I know we will be blessed for the efforts we make. So as timing has it, the stores in our area have been having case lot and food storage sales. Look at some of the goodies I got.

Then this happens, Local earthquake gets Utah's attention - SALT LAKE CITY -- Thursday's earthquake in Utah didn't do much damage, but it got a lot of people's attention -- and it has a lot of people thinking. Is it a sign that a "big one" is coming -- or even worse?

So feeling a little better about my efforts but feeling I really need to continue.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you very much on the need to store food. It's a crazy time around us now and if God wants us to bless our families and others, preparation is key. :) Though, I'm not Mormon, I do agree with you. Too many bad things could be prevented if people prepared a little more, me being one of them. Thanks for this post! :)