Thursday, April 29, 2010

Real is Best

This has been my message, my soap box for years. The problems artificial colors, flavors & preservatives are doing to our bodies and our children's bodies!

Re-post of "What are they eating?"

Okay, let me set the scene for you. (this can be any place at any time) You have made it to church, even on time. Good Job! You laid out the clothes the night before, even the socks and shoes (that is always the killer) Why can you only find one shoe when you really need to get out the door?

You have packed the diaper bag with toys, books and snacks. You wait until they have passed the bread and water, always waiting until the boys have sat down :-), and now you hand out the snacks. Within about 10 - 15 mins. your child is crying, hitting, biting she/he has lost all control and coping skills. What just happened?

When picking out, buying food and snacks many watch for fat and sugar content but overlook a very important thing. Artificial Colors and Flavors!! Our children are becoming so sensitive to these things. They lurk everywhere, in yogurt, cereal, Kool Aid, drinks, juices, candy, fruit snacks, otter pops, soda, condiments, ice cream, chips, lunch meats, crackers, soups, jellies, jams etc. Unfortunately they are everywhere. I find that they tend to be in items that are less expensive or in generic brands. Real is best.

But what about "saving" money, at what cost in the long run? The health and well being of our children, we need to be aware, proactive, read the labels. You can find alternatives even small changes that will make huge differences.

Re-post of "Real Food"

If we lived in a perfect world we would grow and cook all of our own food and we would store everything in GLASS.

Every thing would be real, fresh, without pesticides, antibiotics or hormones

High Fructose Corn Syrup is another Bad Boy – That is another whole topic

Real Sugar is better than ANY artificial sweeter period!!

The word – "Natural" Flavor can be deceiving – Did you know that if a chemical tastes like a banana without changing it in anyway, can be called a "Natural" Flavor

We will pick our battles First – Colors
Just to give you an idea:
Oscar Mayer Deli Meats – Carmel Color
Kraft Mini (white) marshmallows – Blue #1
I put Yoplait yogurt cups on the okay list etc.
for Lime – Yellow #5 and Blue #1
Taco Bell Taco Shells – Yellow #5

You can great items at Good Earth Health Food Store, Whole Foods, Real Food Market, Harvest Fresh Market, Trader Joes,

Food Choices
Some good ideas:

Ice Cream – Breyers (still check your labels)
Popsicle does have a few okay choices – Natural Colors and Flavors with Fruit Juice – Orange, Cherry, Grape, Fudgsicles
Capri Sun – 100% Juice Boxes
Juicy Juice – 100% Juice Boxes
Brach's has put out a few good fruit snacks – Tree Top – All Natural Fruit Snacks (at Costco) and Motts - All Natural Fruit Snacks
Yoplait yogurt cups – (but it does have a lot of sugar!)

Snack Ideas:
Kix, Cheerios, Puffed Wheat & Rice,
Nuts, Seeds, Pretzels, Cracker Jacks, Raisins,
Air Popped Pop Corn, Cut Up Fruit, Dried Fruit
String Cheese, Baby Carrots


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Christi I saw that you came to visit my blog and became a follower - I am so glad you did because it gives me a chance to come here and visit you!
I'm blown away...9 children and you look 33!! What a completely beautiful family you have!!

This post I totally agree with. We are not perfect eaters but over the past 10 years or so I have really started looking at the ingredients in food and hydrogenated fats, artificial ingredients and all kinds of sugary syrups are so much apart of everyday foods.
I agree - REAL is best!!

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Happy Friday Follow! I'm your latest follower! Nice to meet you. Wow, I don't have nine kids, I have four, but I have nine grandchildren does that count?!!! LOL Have a great weekend. Can't wait until I come back & browse. said...

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