Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Decorations That Add Meaning

As you plan your decorations, think about and discuss traditional decorations that can remind us of Jesus because of the symbolism.

Lights, Candles and the Star – The star is the heavenly sign of promise from long, ago. It represents the star that shown in the east that appeared on the night of the Saviors birth. That Christ is the light of the world.

The Christmas Tree – Eternal life, because it stays green all year. All needles point to heaven; this symbolizes man's thoughts returning toward heaven.

Red – as in Holly Berries and Poinsettias – The blood of Christ that would spill for our sake.

The Bell – Represent guidance, sheep bells, and lost sheep to return to the fold

The Bow – is placed on presents to remind us of the brotherhood of man.

Candy Canes – The Shepherd's staff, that we are our brother's keeper.

Holly – The crown of thorns that would pierce our Saviors head.
Green – as in Ivy – Life and hope.
The Wreath – It is continuous, never ceases, stops, or ends. Unconditional love

The key is to keep it simple

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