Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Learn how to say “Santa Claus” in another language

Santa Claus is known by many names—like St. Nicholas and Father Christmas—but some seem a bit stranger. Kris Kringle? Where did that one come from? Kris Kringle was the lead character in Miracle on 34th Street, but the name probably originates from Christkindl, or Christkind, the Austrian and Bavarian Christmas gift-bringer modeled after the baby Jesus. Here are some other pseudonyms Santa uses across the world:

USA/Canada—Santa Claus
Brazil—Papai Noel
China—Shengdan Laoren (Old Man Christmas)
Chile—Viejo Pascuero
Dutch—Sinter Klaas
England—Father Christmas
Europe—Saint Nicholas
France—Pere Noel
Germany—Saint Nikolaus
Hungary—Tel-apo/Mikulas/Winter grandfather
Italy—Babbo Natale
Morocco—Black Peter
Peru—Papa Noel
Russia—Ded Moroz
Spain—El Nino Jesus

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