Tuesday, May 13, 2008

End of the School Year Concerts 2008

As we come to the end of another school year, everyone is putting on some kind of an end of the school year concert. We have already had two for dance (which included 5 shows), now it was time for the choir ones.

Tonight was Sierra's turn. Sierra sings in the Concert Choir at Dixon Middle School. They have a great group and a great choir teacher. They have competed in a few competitions and have done a wonderful job. But her choir teacher will be leaving Dixon to stay at home with her new baby that is due in two weeks. I love it when kids can learn to love all kinds of music. We are proud of you Sierra.

Devin & Derek had their 2nd grade program today. They did a great job, what I loved about this concert was that the songs really had meaning and taught great principles. Like America rocks, that We are not all that different. Another cute one was about making good choices. They did actions, wore sunglasses and did a song with flashlights. It was good.

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