Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Enrichment Meeting

I am the RS Enrichment Leader for our ward. I love serving in Relief Society, I know that it has been blessing to me in my life. So as I have come into this calling, I felt very strongly about the things I wanted to focus on.

I want to:

Unite the Sisters (we are all in different circumstances)
Teach Them Skills
and to Fill Their Lamps

To fulfill them in:
and Home

I want them to laugh and make great memories.

The idea of this Enrichment was to empower the sisters with knowledge they need to be prepared them for any kind of circumstance. With knowledge comes peace.

The Theme of the night was “We Can Do It!” The plan was to learn to change a tire on a car, and other car issues. But because of a major change in the weather, we were not able to do the hands on work, so we went to plan B.

Bro. Bradley of the 3rd Ward spoke to us, first he shared a short DVD about a family who was in an earthquake and the things they did. We talked about keeping a calm and clear mind and having a plan, Home preparedness items like: Learning how to shut off the gas, water and electricity in our homes. Where, how and what tools we needed. It was very informative.

We had folders of handouts; the color scheme was in red, orange and yellow. There were pots of Marigolds on the tables. We had early bird prizes (for those who were on time) and the grand prize was “Learn to Love Your Handwriting” Set by Heidi Swapp

The handouts were:
· How To Change a Tire.
· Utility Shut-off and Safety
· First Aid Items for Your Vehicle
· Miscellaneous Items to Have in the Car
· First Aid Supplies
for the Home
· Disaster Supplies Kit
· A Family Emergency Plan

We than played a great word game, a team work game. It was a lot of fun. Prizes of chocolate were given out. Then we all enjoyed strawberry shortcake for desert. I think everyone had a great time and I hope that more sisters will join us next time.

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Sean, Jen and Carson said...

It was a great activity, I feel very enriched for having been there. I've always wanted to know how to turn off my water, gas, etc. so this activity was great for me! Thanks for all of your hard work to make it happen! And that angel food cake was amazing!!!