Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Just a little more" Ballroom - Spring Concert

This weekend has been the end of the year Ballroom Concert for Provo High School. There were 3 shows, one on Fri evening, and two on Saturday. During the Sat matinee, we had Shelby, Sierra, Katie, Kristen and Donny dancing. Donny danced with Kristen in the Parents routine. It is always a fun show. But for Kristen today will be her farewell, as she will be graduating in just a few weeks. She will be attending UVU (UVSC) studying to become a well baby nurse and dance on their Ballroom Team. We enjoyed having Donna and her boys with us, and Alissa was there cheering on her sisters.


Katie, Shelby, Donny, Sierra and Kristen
(and for everyone – Donny still has the moves!!)

 Johnathan, Donny, Donna, Issac and Kristen
Jens, Katie, Alissa, Austin and Kristen

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Lisa said...

How fun to see your hubby dancing with the girls! I still can't believe Kristen is graduating. Wow!!