Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day - 2008

I know that Mother's Day can bring mixed emotions for so many. Some might not have good memories of their mother; some do not have their mother because of death or other circumstances. For birth mothers, who have given their babies to other families because they loved them so much and wanted to provide a better life them. For those who desire with every fiber of their being to have a baby and cannot. For mothers struggling to do their best everyday, and feeling that they do not measure up some how. Our Father in Heaven loves all of his daughters.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day (although I feel I do not measure up most of the time.) The talks were great in church; they shared stories and thoughts of our first earthly mother Eve, and of Mary the mother of Jesus and as well as other stories of great women in history. After church my family gave me a few gifts. I got a new book titled "Blessings on the Hand of Women" by Boyd K Packer and a CD of music titled "A Mother's Touch", a great tote bag it's brown with pink poka lots (that is what Lindsay calls them.) and a card. I got to take a short nap and then went to Mom's to share a great dinner with her and with her mother (Nana)

Lois (Mom) made Nana a Memory book tilted Mom & Me. When Nana opened her present she cried. Mom had put in a lot of great pictures as well as wrote her memories of her life with her mother Marie (Nana). I am so happy that Mom is putting down her memories on paper, before she forgets, so that we can share them and become closer to each other.

Me & Mom on Sunday, Mother's Day May, 11th 2008, after a wonderful dinner.
I am so blessed. Not only do I have an amazing mother,
but that she is also my best friend!
I Love Mom!

The flower corsage I am wearing Kristen made for me in her floral design class.

This is Christi (Me) Nana and Lois (Mom)
Nana had been very sick in March,
she had been in and out of the hospital.
She received blood transfusions, more than once.
She had to work with a physical therapist
until she got strong enough to return home to South Towne
This picture was taken of us in March

I am posting some of the pages of a scrapbook I made for my Mom about the life of her Mother Marie my Nana. I feel so strongly about preserving the pictures and stories of our family. As we spent the evening of Mother's Day with Nana, I could see how forgetful she is becoming as she would repeat her stories. I feel even stronger about working harder to preserve the memories, stories, traditions and pictures.

These are two pages about my Mom


Sean, Jen and Carson said...

I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Your Label Cloud looks GREAT, by the way!!!

The Hanks Family said...

hey there Christy, I tag you to tell us about your man. The questions to be answered are on my blog. Have Fun!!


Lois said...

Thank you again Christi for all the work you did on Mom's book. It is a treasure. You have so many talents, and this is definitely one of them. You know it would never have gotten done if it wasn't for you. Love you, Mom