Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Nana!! "90"

Do we ever really think we will live to be 90. It's our body that ages, for most of us our mind still feels young and active. Life is a journey of experiences and lessons learned. I come from a very long line of strong, smart and opinionated women (who me?)

Whenever we get together there is lots of great food.
(The women are all great cooks too)

Nana is getting so tiny but she blew her candles out just fine

This is Marie with her four daughters
Joetta, Kay, Lois (my Mom) Paula

I added this picture from 1963, it was Thanksgiving.
Paula, Lois, Kay, Joetta and Marie
Look at how stylish they are and look at those great shoes

Christi (me), Aunt Paula and Lois (mom)


Becca said...

thanks for posting the pics. looks like a lot of fun. hard to believe she's 90!

The Tanners said...

Nice blog on the birthday party. I like the picture of us with Paula too. You have to promise me that you will do my 90th. LOL
It was fun being with you guys again and later that night too.
Love, Mom