Thursday, September 25, 2008

Looking Back a Little - Back To School

Shelby is in 7th grade

Devin and Derek started at a new school,
They are in third grade

The boys ride their bikes to school now,
we will see how well the works in Winter.

When I grew up we started school the Tuesday after Labor Day. So to me September means the start of school. Here in Utah and in many others places back east, school starts in Aug, to me Aug is still summer. So getting back into the swing of things is a little difficult. School began on Aug 18th, that's crazy to me!

I have a wide range of kids at different schools, I have one at BYU, one at UVU, two at Provo High, one at Dixon, and two at Lakeview, and still one at home.

Derek and Devin attend the newly built school, it's beautiful and large. Lots of play area and they get to ride their bikes. They are loving it right now, we will see how fun that is in the winter.

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